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Return to Heaven's Gate

Iris unfold their petals, white shadowed primrose wait,
In a monastery garden, at a place called Heaven's Gate.
Within a wall of morning glories, sunkist flowers bloom
While the cobblestones reflect the soul's, outer inner room.
Slowly glowing brighter as dawn gives way to day,
Petals open to receive the budding warmth of May.
Proud Foxgloves at attention tower in the sun,
Above the glowing zinnias, Above where daisies run.
Canterbury bells, ring in praise in a humble bluebell song,
Bumble bees and hummingbirds, on wing chorus sing along.
All roads may lead to Rome, all gardens lead to God.
A paradise to worship Him, where dew laden flowers bow.
Dew is mother nature's tears, rain falls from angel's eyes,
On flower children of the earth that beauty may arise.
Rise like rainbows in the mist, In the light of the love of the Son.
To rest like white doves in His hands, when life's sojourn is done.
There's is a lesson found in gardens where natural order reigns
A lesson of respect and love, A gift from God to gain
If only we cared for fellow men , like gardeners do their realm
The world would be a better place and problems overwhelmed.

Beyond Moongate

The harmony of Indigo gives way to pastel shades,
Pains of yesterday dissolve with the dawn of each new day.
Life beckons you with joy to press on and not to wait
For the path unfolds before you, the path beyond Moongate.
Revelations raise around you, perfumed flowers in the mist,
A tear clarifies and crystallizes to a healing dew drop kiss.
When the secrets of your garden, all the love that lies within,
Reveals the beauty within yourself, Your new day will begin.
Your garden awaits in beauty with love you long to share,
Like unfolding morning glories, Far removed from care.
Night flowers bloom in secret, while bearded iris sway.
The silence of the cobble stones await the sounds of day.
Blossoms wait the morning sun, pathways the sounds of feet,
Your heart awaits in pulsing joy when night and day do meet.

More to being an American


There is more to being an American then wearing a flag pin.
Or flying a flag on your car, in tatters in the wind.
There is no beginning, there is no end, life and love goes on,
We should do more than salute our heroes, we should reach out with caring hands.
There are those who serve America, abroad and across this land.
Some face danger daily as part of their everyday life,
Sometime the children of our dead, pay the passed on price.
So the next time you wave the American flag or proudly wear the pin,
Think Red, White and Blue, help their kids, lift their hearts and spirits high.

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