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We win battles, It's time to win hearts!

Make The Constellation Orion

A symbol of Peace, Understanding and Justice, Respect, Unity and Strength. Uplifting Beauty Eternal by melding it with All Truism.

How All-truism is melded within Orion concept

"This was my first effort to visually explore the soul of the Orion Concept"

I used a flowing running paining approach my son Jonathan taught me when he was six years of age. Today a 18 he is intelligent and informed to a point of being able to help his dad clarify my efforts in this work through his analytical summary and understanding of the world and design. I would ask for his opinion when i was in a creative query. When we would go out painting in the past together I would learn from his unique fresh approach. I taught him some of the basics, then he in turn would teach me by what he did with them.

Orion Star Chart, Melded with Universal Wisdom and Accepted High Ideals of Human Behavior are All Part of the Orion Concept!

Orion is the corner stone of the concept. This well known famous Constellation can be seen in both hemispheres. These bright stars of the night could easily become a wonderful symbol of just men and women volunteering to accept the challenge of risk and change serving mankind many needs unselfishly. When coupled with All Truism, It becomes a dynamic symbol of caring love for each other and hope in the future for the growing number of people in need through out the world during their darkest moments of need. It can be a beacon of hope and courage for those in need to never give up and keep their former dreams alive and to dream new dreams and work to realize them.

Bleich was God inspired by prayer and Christ Two Commands of Love to develop All Truism as an innovative approach to living and helping others to never give up, to find the courage to go forward with their dreams, overcoming the trials of a troubled world.

May Nations of the world come together in a peaceful effort to address and solve the problems that drive the tide of terrorism that has reaped deadly havoc among all Nations..

Orion Concept Painting, Collection of Challenger Foundation, Arlington, VA.

The Orion Concept was inspired 22 years ago in 1986 when the Challenger exploded. It was created to bring a beacon of hope and courage to go on never giving up on your dream.

I was asked by a Polish priest Father Dudah to do a drawing for a Memorial Service at the Carmel Mission Basilica. I painted through the night developing the Memorial Painting for the candle lighting service that Father Dudah and I designed, lighting 10 Candles for the Challenger Seven and Griffen Chaffee and White.

Fathers original idea called for 10 candles in a drawing. Some how in the hours between 10 PM and 5 AM, the candles became the inextinguishable stars of the Orion Concept word painting.

All Truism coupling with Orion Concept in paintings and songs

It involved a quest for objective Truth in life. The addition of the extra L, has two purposes, first to make it All, as in all inclusive. Formerly it's root meaning was alt representing an alternative to ruism, Alt- ruism. The additional L refers to love and a love of truth and your fellow man. All truth viewed objectively when weighing situation, actions and reactions. The basic idea is meant to find objective truth, to have you Use your God given gift of the inner compass in evaluating your potential actions hopefully based more on Christ's Two Command of Love and the Golden Rule.

Inner Moral Compass

It is my contention we all have natural inner moral compasses within that determines right and wrongs that can not be altered by Religion, Politics and Nationalism. History has recorded the problems that arisen by following blindly or allowing yourself to be misled...

Orion Star Chart, Melded with Universal Wisdom and Accepted High Ideals of Human Behavior are All Part of the Orion Concept It's purpose and focus is to open closed minds through promoting the New Symbolism of Orion as Justice and Truth and encouraging admirable traits and honesty that could lead to solutions of some of the major economic problems and violent strife facing the contemporary world. On Orion's Belt I have Faith, Hope and Charity with symbols of the the Three Major Religions of Muslims, Jews and Christians depicted as the Stars in the Belt.

After working on the word paintings for a couple of weeks, I went down my circular staircase to my recoding studio and wrote the song whose lyrics echoed the painting with the emphasis on Caring, Courage, Love and Peace...Faith, Hope and Charity

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"The Flame of Courage is the Heartbeat of Man "

Now for New Music for my morning exercises, Theme, Bless Me Lord with Your love and Light, Help me Lord to do what's right!

I start off every day with my morning meditation exercises. I start my day off immediately after jumping with some weight lifting inside. Help me Lord to be strong, Help Me know right from wrong, Bless me Lord with your Love and light Help me Lord do what's right THere are different symbolic stretching forms involved I do out of doors in the sun that seems to cooperate even on rainy days with just enough sun to finish my exercises and my basketball game of 21. I will be wearing hiking shorts and no shirt to soak up all the vitamin D I could. It was amazing how the sun and exercise would warm me up. My neighbors would be walking by bundled up in heavy coats and jackets. When the session was over I felt like the 66 degrees I keep the house, warm like like being in Hawaii.

I start with arms out forming a cross with palm open to receive the warmth of the son and also the blessings of the Son. I will raise them over my head , return to the cross position, then down to my sides. During the lines of Love your neighbor my arms will extend out and open and I will turn in different directions facing different part of my neighborhood. I will cross my arms almost like a hug when I say as I love my self and do the same when I say as You love us too. I will raise my arms over my head from the cross position, turn them outward when I say Help me Lord Part the strife with Your Truth , Love and light. When trying them out with the music i composed for the exercises , i found myself doing a lot of figure 8 movements that worked naturally with the music. The words may differ slightly while i am exploring the forms, but they follow this theme. For some reason I feel my calling is to have more people focus on Christ' s two commands of love as a key to peace within ones self and hopefully through outthe world.

The exercises is for others to do. The words are for others to say to open up their personal gate way to welcoming God Jehovah or Allah into their Heart with His peace , love and forgiveness.

I love you Lord Help me please, Help me to be better

May I be your temple Lord, Come into my heart

Help me part the clouds of strife with your love ,Truth and Lightthat darkens people's lives

May I be your humble light, a candle in the dark

May your light fill my soul with your light of love

May I reflect your will O Lord in my life and songs

Help me Lord do what's right, stop me Lord from doing wrong.

Let Thy will be my will.

May every women , every man, in every child in every land

Know right from wrong it's inscribed in their heart,

that You hold in Your Hands My I love you more each day, more in every way.

Bless Me Lord With your Grace, fill me with your light

Help me know what I should, Help me do what's right.

Help me love the world O Lord and love my fellow man

Help me love myself O Lord as I know You do

But more than all please help me Lord, help me to love You

Help me Lord to grow strong, Strong in my Love for you

Help me know right from wrong, What I do, may I do, out of love for You.

May I do what's right O Lord, In the open, in your light

May I be your messenger, a pawn moved by your hand,

with your message of Peace and love,

Love God first most of all and love your fellow man.

May all who know me O Lord, Desire to know you.

May I be your Troubadour, singing songs of love for you.

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Meditative Exercise Help me Lord to Love you, Bossa Music "

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Meditative Exercise Bless us Gospel Sis Music "

A Gift of Art, Positive Ideas, Concepts and Songs to share with the world through the United Nation, to diminish violence, terrorism and promote Peace and understanding in the Palestinian Crisis.

" Light of God's Love" Art was given to U.N. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon

What started as an exploratory study for a commission meditation painting for a Doctor who teaches Hindu meditation a couple of month ago has evolved into a separate entity. I added a horizontal bar, combining a Cross, with the ray of light he spoke to me as representing God's light coming from the Heaven into the eye of the individual meditating by the sea, not to distract from his approach. but to have his joined with a representation of more Religions who worship a Supreme Being. . I will discuss the evolving creative process more completely later.

This work was unique in the Joy I found in doing it. This may come from my Faith in God and hope that He will direct the good people in the world to find common grounds to work with each other in kindness and love in behalf of peace and understanding in this troubled world. I felt that I should be doing this as a prayer for I felt a sense of urgency and apprehension.

The Religious Leaders of the world must come together and exercise their leadership to promote understanding and peace among all the Children of Abraham and their brothers and Sisters of all religions. to insure that their Religion is not misused for the purpose of violence. Many times there will be fringe groups that unwittingly are mis-directed by secular political forces to do their bidding under the guise of Religion.

If you are members of a church that attack other religions more than focusing on loving God and your neighbor. You may be a tool used by man not a pawn moved by God's hands. There are positive commonalities found in major religions. Let us focus on the good in all Religions, Be careful, do not be misled.

All Truism a Bleich Philosophy, included

It involved a quest for objective Truth in life. The addition of the extra L, has two purposes, first to make it All, as in all inclusive. Formerly it'd root meaning was alt representing an alternative to ruism, Alt- ruism. The additional L refers to love and a love of truth and your fellow man. All truth viewed objectively when weighing situation, actions and reactions. The basic idea is meant to find objective truth, uninfluenced by Religion or politics.

Inner Moral Compass

It is my contention we all have natural inner moral compasses within that determines right and wrongs that can not be altered by Religion, Politics and Nationalism. History has recorded the problems that arisen by following blindly or allowing yourself to be misled...

Relating to civilian casualties in the current Palestine crisis, both combatants are to blame.

Taking sides as in Pro Palestine or Pro Israel Demonstrations only inflame passions that lead to more violence. May there be a demonstration where the Flags of Both country will wave together in a rejection of war, violence and death as a way of solving problems. Peace will come to the Mid-East and World when that happens. If God is love and Peace, then the devil must be hate and war. Their must be a just and equitable solution resolved by Both Israel and Palestine unencumbered by exterior pressures, from other Countries, and Religions.

If you have been misguided to desire war, death of the Innocents, destruction and Armageddon in the Holy land and feel your efforts are God's will, recall Christ's Two Commands of Love and the Golden Rule. Do the world a favor stay away. That statement is directed to Moslem extremists and Christians who are set on playing a role in bringing about the final battle of Armageddon in the Holy Land. Their causes are contrary to Mohammed's Caring Words in the Koran and Christ Commands of Love in the New Testament. Their hands are indelibly stained with the blood of the innocent others. They may mistakenly think of them selves as agents of God but their actions seem to ally themselves with the devil. They wrongly see the anti-christ in others. All they have to do is look in their own mirror and see, Lo and Behold, "THE ONE" ( a reference to the anti-christ in some Southern circles.)

A lighter brighter positive side to All Truism

It is better to do things out of love not guilt. It feel good to do good. The good we do for others makes the world a better place for every one including your self. it encourages people to try it. I will weave the approach into my songs

Message for Humanity, included

I enclosed My Message for humanity that stresses the need of Religious leaders of the world to take more of an active part in leading their followers along the path to peace not war. To emphasize the commonalities of goodness found in both the Bible and Koran.

Orion Concept, included

The Orion Concept is to honor those who serve Humanity not those who commit foul deeds,unacceptable to any religion or nation. It is my prayers and hope hope that it will in some small way stem the flow of senseless violence on both sides.

Memorial Peace Garden, included

There was a design for a Heaven's Gate Garden Arch described in my Island memorial narration. Above the entry way there would be an inscription, " May all who enter here leave hate behind and find healing. On the opposite side of the arch there would be written When You leave this hallowed area May you work for peace through out the world and end hatred and it dire consequences.

THese concepts were narrated years ago to music I composed on the CDs I included. Some people write books, I use the art of music to present my ideas. many of them were prayer songs dealing with peace and harmony in life and the world.That I have distributed free. If any thing they have created more problems for me financially than gain as my efforts to express objective truth and honesty will run contrary to those who may find it challenging their plans for control based on blind obedience with out question.

Published Bleich Article, Artist Dream Technology For Peace, included

I include with gift of art work to the UN. An old article I wrote years ago that has suggestions, more need to be implimented now in this age of spin than it was when I first wrote it," An Artist Dream, Technology for Peace. I will add this article to my site later

I hope that some element is worthy of sharing that they might touch one heart that has been harden by pain and loss to stop others in the present and future from similar pain and loss that anger and hatred leave in their wake. The growing wave of anger and the current devastation in Palestine and the death of innocent families, mothers and their children must come to an end.

My primary concern was that the ill timing of this conflict could have negative repercussions Internationally and in America when the Universal hope for a new peaceful direction is so high with a new President, Administration in America.

As expected Bush would support Israel with out reservation in support of Israel's heavy handed military actions that have led to a disproportionate casualties rate among civilians, women and children , the innocents others.

Israel's out going leader leader with scandal problems of his own, Olmart threatening use of an "Iron Fist" in Palestine will only provoke future violence and some of that could be directed at America, sabotaging efforts to call to the world The inane cruelty of terrorism killing innocent civilians including fellow Moslems that has led to the loss of support for terrorists. This current conflict will only benefit die hard terrorist and those pushing for an all out war against Iran and other Islamic Countries.

There are those who appear to be pushing a war with Iran. Even though the news reports from Anderson Cooper and other news reporters on television the rockets were made in Russian or China, all you heard from those supporting Israel was the rockets were supplied by Iran. Russia and China have not caught up with America yet when it comes to supplying the world with Armaments. We were diverted from putting an end to Aqaida, the real culprit behind 9/11/ 2001 by misdirection of our angnst to Iraq, at great cost in lives, injuries, and our Nation financial well being.

There are those who once again would have us direct out attention to Iran instead of our focus on Aqaida. We are approaching the cross roads where peace and war intersect. Stop, Stand Tall On Principles when We choose the direction America and the world will take. Let us not make the Iraq type of mistake again.

There is a need and a way to stop the rockets of terrorists from striking Israel but not by the slaughter of the innocents and crushing the infrastructure of Gaza. Numbers do not lie. Creating hardships by a siege will not end the strife will only lead to the recruiting of more terrorists. The unfortunate timing of this crisis occurs when many in the world are tired of the violence where innocents suffer. Moslem have been rejecting the violent act of Moslem terrorists against their own. they will be less forgiving of the deaths of innocents in Palestine and the innocence of some in Israel is being questioned not just by Moslems but by many in the world.

This is not a black and white , wrong and right situation. no more than the Iraq war was. The problems must be solved by people who are aware of the futility and cost of continuing violence and war. History has shown , those who live by the sword die by the sword. There is a need for strength, and a time for courage. There are times when it will take more courage to use that strength with direction and accuracy. We have seen the surgical strikes where the collateral damage was limited. A scatter shot approach and response will not solve anything or we will see more winning battles and losing hearts insuring a continuation of hate and violence. We must all look at the world honestly and set our course by your natural inner moral compass and support a just solution that will have people live side by side in peace.

It is important to know that in the last Israel election more people voted for the moderate woman Candidate Livini. there is a big difference of opinion in Israel between those who favor the opinions of Europe and America in relationship to having Two independent countries or States living side by side in Peace. There are others hard liners who favor more settlements in Palestine that will only lead to more international tensions and strife. There are only approximately 6 millions voter and more than half favor a peaceful approach. Those who support war are supported by some Evangelicals in America looking forward to Armageddon. They see the one, the Anti Christ in those who work for Peace in the world. They should take a good look in their own mirror and ask themselves , Are they disobeying the Two Commands of love given by Christ or they following others and the devil into war and killing.

Sunday, January 18. The cease fire in Palestine is welcomed by People who seek a just solution on all sides. The rockets that are continuing to attack Israel are being fired by Those in Palestine who are share the guilt of the death of the innocents. They will have no place in Palestine's peaceful future. In the same respect , those in Israel who adhere only to a policy of deadly force that can be misdirected will have Israel standing alone in it defiance of moral consensus. We need but Remember the USS Liberty and what happened on the fourth day of the 1967 Arab Israel 6 day war. Israel attacked an Un armed American Research intelligence Vessel with the resulting deaths 34 American sailors and 174 American sailor injured.

We remember Pearl Harbor, we remember 9/11, but some how we have forgotten the USS Liberty and the 34 Americans who were killed and 174 sailors injured by Israel in the 1967 Arab Israel War.

One might call it old news but it is new news to those who never heard of it before. My contention is that we have the responsibility to question our own Government actions when there appears to ulterior motives of the politician in power that are contrary to American High Ideals and principles. We should also evaluate the actions of our allies in the same light of truth. They have the same contrast of political approaches that America's has and also have in their short history also had one of their leader assassinated by a religious ultra conservative.

Catholic and the world have been surprised to find out years later of a stabbing attempt on Pope John's life by a Spanish Ultra conservative priest, Juan Fernandez Krohn on May 12, 182 at Fatima.

We can end terrorism by promoting Justice and Peace which are inseparable. We can do it through Mutual Respect Unity and Strength. We can not allowed our foreign policies to hinge on the overt actions of one ally in deference to the moral consensus and objections of our many allies.

"In Love in Carmel $16,000 36x48 "

In my painting of light I would paint subtle rays of light streaming from above. They were always symbolic of God's light, of dark clouds parting and troubles fleeting away. I experienced that today in a wonderful up lifting magical way. I really sensed the presence of God, That January 08 Morning.

I was listening to my spiritual songs while driving up the hill in route to Monterey. There was a light morning mist wafting through the pines and cypress trees of Delmonte forest. Delicate soft beams of sunlight filtered through the trees.

Each bend of the road was more beautiful than the last. The forest trees grew denser. The sun rays became more pronounced. The beautiful soft rays were shifting in direction from side to side with each turn of the road. There was a rhythm to Some times streaming from the right, sometimes streaming from the left. Sometimes from Straight ahead encompassing the car filling it with warmth and light. It was an enthralling experiences.

What I did not know at the time was that My gift of The peace prayer painting The "Light of God's Love" and my concepts arrived at the United Nations in New York just moments before. I found that out later in the evening when checking shipping status on line.

The ride that morning seemed an affirmation that I was doing something right in these peace effort that is my acceptance of God's will. My days would extend through the night until 5 AM in the morn working preparing what was sent to the UN. The violence of the last three weeks will have Christians, Moslems and Jews alike question their support of violence that always leaves the innocent others scarred, carrying the weight of pain and loss caused by the hatred of others. When Christians accept Christ as their personal Savior they you can not be true to Christ if they flaunt and disobey Christ Two commands of Loving God and loving your neighbor. Christ's laws of love command that we love our neighbors not kill their women and children.

That is not a battle where brave men face each other, Both sides are wrong to continue the onslaught against each other that leave the innocent others paying the price of anger , hatred and vengeance. As a God loving Man I have been called to focus the attention of others and myself to Christ's two commands of love. I have found the same thoughts expressed in the Koran by Mohammed's when doing random readings of both books. I started to do that when I was trying to be a Peace Maker during the Balkan strife.

The following 3 mp3 are some times up and other times not. working with Web host to resolve it when it happens.

Bleich Songs Written and Performed by Artist

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"Light of God's Love"

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"Instrumental Light of God's love"

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"30 minute loop,Instrumental Light of God's love" I would let this loop run for hours while working on the painting and and lyrics at the same time as a form of a meditation prayer for peace.

A prayer painting and song from a Universal All Encompassing God Loving Point of View for Peace between Religions of the world who love God but do not always get along with each other.

The man in the painting is not a particular person but represents all men.

This work at this time is dedicated to the victims of 9/11 who came from over 90 differnt Countries and represented every Religion and some who had none.

It is for the Innocent others through out the world who pay again and again the price of conflict and war. The acts of violence against fellow Muslims are leading to rejection of Bin Laden and Aquaida. They are held with increasing low esteem through out the Muslim world. but unfortunately so is the perception of America.

We may win battles with Military might but we lose the war for hearts and minds.

I saw this early period of the painting as both a boat and also as a symbolic anchor.

The Moon will set. The sun will rise.
The light of God's Love will fill your eyes.
Stars May come, Stars May go
The light of God's Love will always glow
With the love of God that you know
For God and your fellow man.
The light of God's Love will always shine
In your Hearts , Souls and Minds

The sound of God's Love Fills the air
Breathe in deeply, trust in His care.
Feel the Tides rise, feel the Tides fall
In the sounds of Nature you will hear God's Call
Hear it in your heart beat , Echoing in the halls of time
Hear it in every breath, that God gives you to take
Feel it in the faith in every vow that you make
In your Hearts , Souls and Minds.

The grace of God’s Peace you'll share and know
When the light of God love fills your soul
Your love of God will grow like a rose

Time we leave all hate behind
Time to take the time to find
Joy and Peace found, found in loving God.
May God bless every land every child women and man
With his Peace and Love With his Peace and Love

>For well over a month I have I have devoted most of my painting and Music time to working on a prayer painting and song addressing the universal need and desire for Peace and Harmony in the world. I would listen to the Music I composed at the start of the work and would add lyrics to the composition. It was a joyful Spiritual exercise and discipline.

I am sure that a certain number who made read this will be familiar with how one feels a close intimacy with God while praying alone. This experience is intensified when involved in the creative process of using notes of beautiful colors, adding them to the canvas following the waves of music. It was similar in nature to the peaceful feeling I found in Painting the eyes of Christ when I painted Prince of Peace, Man in Black, a portrait of Christ that I gave to a priest Father Ed as a gift for St. Patrick's Church in Nigeria, Africa.

Dove & 8 8

Father Ed gave me a call and while e-mailing him I was inspired to add a dove for the Holy Spirit and Peace. For some unknown reason the Dove is holding one of the eights in his beak. I go with the flow and wonder later if there is significance that just happens.

What started as an exploratory study for a commission meditation painting for a Doctor who teaches Hindu meditation a couple of month ago has evolved into a separate entity.

A Cross

I added a horizontal bar to the ray of light he spoke to me as representing God's light coming from the Heaven into the eye of the individual meditating by the sea. You nay have observed the red spot on People from India and other who embrace Hinduism as a Religion That is where the focus of God’s energy enters their mind.


There was a 3 at just before where the ray entered the mind’s eye. 3 is a symbol of Omming. I have done 2 paintings of Christ based on the shroud of Turin that Have a 3 on the forehead as in the shroud.

Islamic Moon & Star of David

The Horizontal Bar made that ray a Cross. There was a Religious Symbol of Islam on the left end of the Cross and a Star of David on the right side of the bar.

Lotus Lily and 8 8

I changed the rock that the individual was sitting on into a Sacred Buddhist Lotus. I added two 8 spontaneously with out reason. I am aware of their infinity meaning.

The good Doctor shared his belief that there are brighter notes of light representing those who are closer to God in near proximity to the elliptical light representing God.

There will be lesser diminishing lights of others who worship God but are not as active in serving Him in an inspired way that comes through Religious discipline.

The work involved research into world religions online that led to more understanding of the commonalties that exist in the positive aspects of different Religions.

Above the left hand is the sun rising, Above the right is the moon setting as in the beginning of the song.

I started out in a transitions of values with multiple hues in harmony From the God’s light source. I added some interference colors first experimenting and followed up Gemstone colors The number of dots were seemingly endless. To me each dots was a prayer offering. Every day would find me Down stairs in my studio listening to the music adding words while adding colors. It was not an effort to finish the work. It had to do with the process offering up my works as a prayer offering. I would sing and hum along to the music while painting. I was intrigued with how some interference colors and gemstone could only be seen from specific angles. It was almost like the soul of the piece. It became may paintings in one. There are times when so much color can confuse relationships and more enjoyable work will be required. It is a bit like the world, interplay can lead to conflict if great care is not in place.

What follows is an important aspect of the work, Equality of Women and Men and relationships bonded by spirituality is stated visually.

I added a modified Yin Yang Symbol but that reflects my feelings. Instead of opposite extremes of values of Black and White, I chose Red and Green which are comparable in value which has to do with my feelings about men and women being equal. I used circles of Light in each side instead of Black and White circles normally found in the symbol. They represent the spirituality that I feel can strengthen a relationship.

7 7

As the painting was a prayer painting for Peace and reconciliation in the world I added 2 sevens for reconciliation with Kathy my ex wife whom I still love. Kathy lived at 77 Mount Pleasant and I lived at 77 Rocky neck Ave. We use were married on the 14 th and our first Child, Eric was born on the 28. 7 also has mystical meanings.Somehow I feel the seventh anniversary of 9/11 also came into play

As the song lyrics grew along with the painting I added the peace rose with in the heart of the individual.

The work created a wellspring of positive energy in me that mask the pain and sensitivity problems from residual deep scarring on ligaments etc from MSRA Staph I acquired at CHOMP while having the horrid decubis ulcer treated that happened aS a result of improper post operative care at their facility. I am doing better than Bill Bates and others who acquired Staph at that Hospital Pain, others have died. Pray for Bill Bates. He has been transferred to a facility in Southern California with a reputation for a higher degree of success with these problems than CHOMP. Bill thankfully is doing better and is now at a facility in San Jose.

I tried to share the following idea on

a Peace and Healing Memorial

Immediately After 9/11, I do not consider it a conspiracy but for some reason hen I had over 1700 failures when People tried to access the idea on my home page..

I wish some one would share this with the new Senator taking the place of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg could promote the idea though it is more likely to be done if the residents of the city speak up about it. In addition to the Peace Garden idea that follow it should include the Orion concept that you will find on my home page. It call for a proclamation of Making Orion a Symbol of Volunteers accepting the challenge of Risk serving Mankind through out the world. That is the image America should project, not one of making America great and powerful through dominating other Countries through force. In this troubled world it could become a beacon of good will and caring.

I do believe Mayor Guiliani received this message in more detail in the past through the efforts of the sister of Joe Torres, Coach of the New York Yankees. She assured me She gave it to some one very close to the mayor who would give it to him. She was a member of my wife's inner circle and family. The message concerning the peace garden and Memorial Island idea came with a work of art as a gift with Orion in it as I am was trying to Have Orion as a memorial to volunteers who face the challenge of risk in the service of mankind.

I It is important to note that construction on the proposed project at Ground Zero has ground to a complete halt with very little done on a structure that may be destined to be more of a memorial to the designer than those who lost their lives. There would still be room for the museum and a memorial area.

I am bringing this up again as Construction has ground to stop at Ground Zero according to news report on Television July 2 ,08)

May you consider a concept for a Memorial Peace Garden for those who were killed in that tragedy to show the world that the death involved many ethnic and religious groups who should come together to renounce the senseless cruel murder of the innocents of every color and Religion.

Once you passed through a stark austere Peace Archway Built of the steel beams that remain from the structure.A portal with an inscription above the entry way.

May all who enter here, welcome their God with an open heart, leave hate and fear behind.

On the other side when you are leaving the inscription would read

" When you leave these hallowed ground, walk with Your God in His ways of love and forgiveness, leave hate and fear behind, become a positive force against violence, hate and intolerance in any form, any where and anytime.


It could be built with remains of the towers. The garden would meander in gentle swirls of an open maze with deeper offset areas like little rooms where Sculpture work would denote the Religions of those who perished with an existing quote from that Religion that call for us to love our brothers and live in peace together. There may be a place where one can kneel if so inclined, or humble themselves on the ground before God. There were Muslims killed as well as Christians in the Twin Towers tragedy. Their Religious section could face Mecca if that is there desire, You will find there were also Muslim who died in the inferno.

Gardens of this nature need not be limited to N.Y. but could serve the cause of stopping violence that take the lives of too many innocent people in too many cities across America. Salinas California is just one of the many cities that gang influences are taking a painful toll.

You will find there is a commonality of Goodness and love and desire for peace to be found in all Religions.

Message for Humanity

My Message for Humanity which I have propagated for Years much to the disdain of those who think in Black and white, that those who are different are enemies is finally Happening. Religious Leaders Are coming together try to solve problems that politician have not been able to do for the cause of Peace in the world.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has spoken to the Pope and Jewish Rabbi calling for Religious unity conferences in behalf of peace. He did this with the approval of The Wahabis Clerics , Keepers of Mecca. This group was thought to be behind much of the angst directed toward Westerners in the past.

The Geopolitical aspects facing Sunnis and Shias may be a factor in the clerics welcome change of venue. The conferences will never succeed in their goal unless they reach out to every one. There must be Shia clerics and those from other Eastern Religions, In the west we must involve all denominations, Jews, Christians , Evangelicals, Mormons, to name a of the various Religions in America, all Religions in a true Ecumennical effort.

I am concerned that with so much emphasis on the danger Iran's Nuclear ambitions That we would add to the proliferation of Atomic weapons by supplying Saudi Arabia with Atomic energy projects that could do what we fear Iran would be capable of. They are closer to Israel and do not harbor great love for them. All too often we give people weapons that eventually are turned against us or our friends in the past. Like the Dylan Song , When will we ever learn?.

Originally I suggested that we create a Memorial island out of the remains some where near the statue of liberty or added to that Island. There are shallow areas in New York Bay that could be an island with less efforts than the current ones that have ground to a stop at ground zero. Earlier I wrote that the best memorial on the site would be the renewal of the important functions that the Twin Towers had in being the heartbeat of business through out the world. It was more of a pragmatic design solution than creating a tourist attraction that dwells on tragedy. Perhaps it could be symbolically taller to signify We are back and we are stronger! You could still have unique lights at the top of the structures, or structure in the singular..

I had a vision of a symbol used through out time for memorial purposes, obelisks side by side together. It could have more impact than the powerful statement that the Washington Monuments. There are some who will decry it as a pagan phallic symbol, but it extensive use through out the world as a memorial to the heroes who have gone, justify it use as a timeless memorial. That complaint could be alleviated by having them the same shape as the twin towers, with ever vigilant light at the top.

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"New York is a Great City"

This song is a tribute to a Great City and example of How Americans of all diversity came together in a time of great crisis. It reflects the response of the wide variety of Americans who live in New York City and how they all came together as one in their moment of need. How Americans from other areas volunteered and came to answer the call of need immediately after 9/11 It is a love song about a city I love and experienced. I was up in the World Trade Center Towers a number of times in the past. I used to live in Glen Cove on the North shore of long Island, New York and spent a lot of time enjoying the city and it's music. I would frequent the great jazz places like Birdland and enjoyed the Jazz sessions at the Metropole on Times square. I use to sing and play in the village. Some day I would love to hear more of an upbeat jazz interpretation of the song by some good musicians in New York that New Yorkers could hear in the City it was written for. Some people left their hearts in San Francisco well a more than a part of mine is still in my memories of a great city, New York City. I would enjoy staying at the Salmagundi Art Club just above the village on Fifth Ave. After many years of membership I am now an Artist member Emeritus of the Salmagundi Art Club in the City. I have wonderful Memories of New York. It like being a sailor, you might be high and dry ashore but you are still a sailor. Well even though I now live in California, thousands of miles away from New York, I still think of myself with pride as a New Yorker. I look forward to returning to New York in the future.

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Let us give their spirit wings.

It was memorializing the nineteen children who died in the Oklahoma Blast . It was introduced at the Carmel Mission at a Memorial Ceremony during the Children’s Mass at Nine in the morning... Individual Children lit 19 candles for each of the children who died. in the blast. Then all the children sang the song along with me as I played guitar.

Out of the fire Out of the flame there is a lesson waiting to be learned
If only their love could fly like white doves and touch the hearts that Hate has turned to stone .
If we but give their spirit wings, If we but give their spirit wings
Look on back to Waco, Oklahoma too, two wrongs don’t make a right, no they never never do
We saw it Rwanda , Sarajevo too Children pay the price for what those with hatred do
We see it in Palestine , Israel too.. Children pay the price for what those with hatred do.
If we but give their spirit wings, If we but give their spirit wings
Lets light a candle every one to make a light as bright as the sun.
Lets light a candle, it’s not too late to illuminate the fact
There is no more time for hate, If we but give their spirit wings.
If we but give their spirit wings, If we but give their spirit wings
Now 19 white doves fly in heaven’s blue carrying a message
Meant for me and you.
If only their love could fly like white doves
And touch the hearts that hate has turned to stone.
If we but give their spirit wings, If we but give their spirit wings.

The song was written while my mind set was focused on making the May, 5th month of the year a memorial month to those who have suffered from violence and death by focusing on the Fifth Commandment Thou shall not kill.. I wrote the Mayor and , The Governor of Oklahoma and some other officials in the State making that suggestion. It was while writing these letters that I was inspired to write the song. I later raised $2300 for the Oklahoma Children's fund from the sale of one of my artworks that I have in print called Return to Heavens Gate. I still see a memorial gothic arch with the inscription May all who enter here find peace and leave hatred behind”.. as an entrance to a memorial garden which would reflect the commonality of good men and women in all the religions in America and the world. The division in the world created by seeing things only in the abstract black and white create many of the problems that exist in America and the world. The sum total of truth is better understood in the multiplicity of millions of hues and grays that fill in the area that exist between the extreme elements of society who only see in black and white with a demented sense of right and wrong. that leads to and promotes violence.

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"Orion a Symbol of Courage"

Make the Constellation Orion, A Symbol for Heroes, who accept the challenge of risk in the service of mankind. 9/11/2001 Honor Heroes of the September 11th, Our Policemen and Firemen and the Passengers who perished in Pennsylvania and others from the Past, Present and the Future. Keep the spirit of respect and courage alive in dreams and Memories by focusing on Orion as a symbol of Courage. Orion, a never ending symbol for our Heroes, Eternal as the Sky that Forever Holds it's Beauty. Over three hundred NY Fireman and Policemen gave their lives to try to save others. They are American heroes that should be honored. These brave men died in the service of mankind. Give them their due, To the families of those who gave their lives it would be an Eternal Memorial in the Heavens honoring the courage and sacrifice of New York's finest, The Firemen and Policemen who gave their lives trying to rescue others trapped in the World Trade Center America working in concert with other Nation's Governments could make Orion a bonding symbol of Courage and Sacrifice by joint formal proclamations, no cost, no maintenance. "The Constellation Orion is to be regarded as an International Symbol to Courage, Sacrifice, Peace and Honor of individuals serving Governments who are working together to end terrorism." Audio description set to music of "America Goes Marching On".

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"World Trade Center Island of Peace Memorial" A September 11, 2001 Island of Peace Memorial in Upper New York Bay created out of the remains of the World Trade Center It's location, either adjacent to Liberty Island or Manhattan Island joined by a memorial Heaven's Gate bridge. Peace Islands, Twin Obelisks, surrounded by the flags of all Nations who lost citizens Sept. 11th; a meditative healing garden with small sculptures reflecting the varied faith of those who perished, each piece would have a quote from their Religion inscribed on the base reflecting peace and understanding. Listen for more. audio description set to music, "9/11/2001".

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What happened on 9/11 was horrendous. It's a tragedy, that it is being used by politicians for their own vain purposes, desecrating the heroes who died that day.This patriotic song uses 9/11/2001 as a battle cry to rally the spirit of America for the long haul in our fight against terrorism. It reflects on the attack on the World Trade Center. It recalls the battle cries of past wars. These cries strengthen our resolve, courage and sacrifice in America's never ending battles to ensure freedom throughout the world. We all have different way to respond to what happened in New York. I use to live in Queens in New York City, Glen Cove and Locust Valley out on Long Island. This is just my heart felt response. I found myself doing the song over and over as it brought up old memories of my Dad who was MIA in World War 2 in the North Atlantic and He shipped out of New York on that Trip. The song was really dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the service of America from the Alamo to Normandy.

May I invite you to read my concept of All Truism not Altruism, on the last button on my directory. The good we do for others will make the world a better safer place for every one when we come together , out of the many one. It is time we come together my friends as friends, Out of the many One.

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"All Mothers are a Madonna "

All Mothers are Madonna's, When a child is in their arms. This lullaby with a Mother in the title really is about a circle of love that exist between the entire family when God is included in that circle.

You would not have Christmas with out Christ's Mother who gave birth and love to baby Jesus. You would not have the Holy Family with out St. Joseph who loved and cared for his wife and child. I feel families are more complete and blest when couples love one another and give their child love and are aware of God's presence in their relationship.

It may be difficult for some to accept that but Gay couples do adopt children and do love God and have their own family circle of love that includes God. They are not a danger to marriage or families though others at times are misled to be a danger to their desire to say to the world They are in love and are a family. They have moms and dads , sisters and brothers and friends who love them and know they are good God Loving People who deserve better than what God fearing people do to them.

People who love God do not fear God. Those who dwell more on the wrath of God may well deserve the wrath of God.

We are all a part of God's family, We should be kind to all God's Children They are our brothers and sisters. I do not speak with a voice backed up by any Formal Religion or Authority. I speak out of the joy I found in Loving God and Chrsit's two commands of Love. Google Christ 's Two Commands. They are in the bible too but google will help you fin d them faster especially if you have a memory like mine. There will be people who may not like that idea as it belittles there expertise in knowing where everything is in the Bible. I really like the Psalms but I have seen it take close to an hour finding the one I liked. I knew the message but not the number. I think God impairs memories just so they will read more psalms while they are looking for the Psalm and at time there are revelations in the others that will come to past. They have for me. Read on my home page does God operate in mysterious ways. After that first incident I wrote about of something that happened to some one while I was searching the Psalms. They kept leading me to others Psalms that were relevant to the powerful life ending incident that occurred while I was searching for my favorite Psalm, The 23 d I think. There were other cases not as dynamic in their timing or gravity, though one may be but It does have me wondering. now has me wondering. There were many others incidents that come to mind That I thought were related, more by the activity of those affected than by the dynamics of the incidents. I have seen it happen when questions of motivation raised question. There were others that I did not have a clue that sly unfair actions may have led to their just deserts. After the dynamics connected with the other incidents it does raise the issue that other happenings may relate to the same thing. Perhaps that is why the command Do unto others as you would have them do unto you come in. Some of that is going to be a human payback response but there are other times when God take the matter into His own capable hands.

So Obey Christ Two commands of Love and his Dad's big Ten and you don't have a thing to worry about. Love Him and you will never have reason to fear God.

There are men and women who marry and have difficulty having Children, They adopt and give loving care to the new addition to their family and sometime more than those who through copulation give birth. Some children happen in an unplanned ways that is inconvenient to some people. Children should never be regarded as such. They may be in God's plan if not in yours.

Children in single parent's home with either the mother or father gone face a more difficult path in Life. Sometimes children will be living in a home with a mom and dad but one or the other parent is not really involved with them or the support of their spouse. There are myriads of reasons that this happens, and sometimes it's a matter of physiology. There are other times they may fall into addictions or obsessions, even with work that distracts them from their obligations. Sometimes is not their fault, other times it is. They can create more problems than those that exist in single parents homes, where love , caring and open communications flow.

This song encourages the positive side of a complete loving family. Children brought up in a home with a loving Dad and Mom have more of a balance in their up bringing. Single parent's children do excel at times , tempered by necessity This song touches upon the whole family Mother, Father, Children. Bit is dedicated to young mothers and older Mothers holding a child in their arms.

I have more of sense of respect and love for Mothers that may come from being brought up in a single family home as My Dad was missing In action when I was 5 years of age. mom was away at work much of the time and we were entrusted to the care of of a loving Grandma, a very spiritual lady who had help in with discipline. That help was a cat a nine tails which was a wide belt cut into narrow strips tacked on to a portion of a broom stick. boys being boys, I seemed to get more attention from grandma discipliner. When I look back on My Grandma having 13 children, like any good Polish German Catholic would do, had me wonder if she saw grand dad in me and it was time for a little pain. She was stern but just and anything I got I deserved as I was a clown...joking around from an early age.

Mom was wonderful and wise, loving and caring as mom could be. But it was hard on her. I would go out caddying at the golf Course where mom would sometimes work. The bag was almost as big as I was and I believe we earned about $ 4 dollar a bag for 18 holes back then. I would give the money I earned to mom. I did the same when I worked on Yachts at 15. I would send her home my check and she would send me an allowance The yacht job provided Food a berth and uniforms so I was not in need of much money.

I remember clearly Kathy holding first Eric, Then Christopher and years later Jonathan in her arms when they were babes. I also remember holding them myself too. We did have a family circle of love blessed by God in our home back then. My thoughts goes back to Jon's birthday when he was five. It was very early in the morning and I was still up painting. He was smiling at the top of the spiral staircase and called down, Good Morning, Do you know what day today is? I answered , Happy Birthday Jonathan, you look very happy this morning. Jon answered," I am so happy I want to die. Whoa Jon, What do mean by that? I asked. His answer was I can't wait to go to heaven.

This was a faith of child in love with life and God who saw no separation in the two. St. Theresa said we should love God like a child. Artist are always like children so it is real easy for me to relate to that. Perhaps that is why I am so into stressing the need to focus on Christ's Two commands of Love with their clarity uncomplicated by Men of the cloth deeper focus on Sin and not enough on The positive endless circle of love that exist between God and Man. When You know God's love you will have it flow out, an endless river of Joy found in loving God. I have heard some wonderful sermons. I have has conversations and communication with inspired Men and Women who helped you appreciate more deeply the joy of the presence of God in your life.

When you feel his presence you will reach out to more people with God's gentle love. I feel we would have less problem in Marriages if we focused and worked on our own, combining the The Physical which some times happens first with the spiritual and the mental which take more work, understanding, communications and at times times forgiveness. Prayer can really help form that circle of love that includes God and your whole family and is blest... Our own circle of love is there but portions are hidden by circumstances. Problem were created while I was devoting much of my time to mom's care and Kathy felt it was distracting my attention from Jon. The death of kathy's mom hit her hard, as did the death of my own mom.

I have been listening to the spirituals that I have written while writing these thought to share with you. I am getting a growing feeling I should go down to my studio and do some work on a different kind of Keyboard work on my Yamaha PSR 9000 that I have written and recorded the Majority of my songs on. The last few songs that came on while typing were the ones I wrote for Mom just before she died. One tear to the ocean and now tick tock. I was little concerned, perhaps I would be better off going to Bed as It is 12 :46. On the subject of dying, One can die to old ways and be reborn on a new path in the same life with out crossing over to the other side. If you are alone, and circumstances have you down, raise your thoughts and focus, Invite Jesus in. Talk to His Mom like you might talk to your own. If there is some Saint you gravitate to in your hour of a specific need, Talk to them.

You would be amazed at how many times I have search long and hard trying to find something I lost and was on the verge of giving up finding it. I will say a prayer to St. Theresa, " Little Flower show your power help me find what is lost. please let it be found. It is almost like a miracle at times, It kind of like I am directed to where it is and will find the object within a minute. If I were the headless horseman I would walk around in circles wondering where I put the darn thing. No wonder he used a pumpkin. by the way do you know where I left the horse.

The above was written the night of Dec. 14, 08. When the music stopped while I was writing I realized I was really very tired. I decided to skip going down stairs I do have my roll up Piano that I will wander over the keys before sleeping searching for for a new melodic progressions that may develop into a future song.

I pictured the scene I described about sailing wing on wing. Each breath I take is like long low slow moving swell gently passing under the hull in a pleasing slow rhythm pushing the boat ahead. I tried to visualized another person on board with me for company. There was no one on deck and no one below but it was as if I heard an internal voice of some one I heard in the past. The first time I heard it was swimming well off shore and had a Wave break unexpectedly on me and was driven downward beneath the surface and swallowed a bit of water in the process. I swam upward to the surface sputtering and heard an inner voice say " I am here with you." A calmness and control took over and I was once more one with the sea, not fighting the sea. I kind of thought that it was my dad at the time.

God is also with you in a special way. Love him do fear him. Love your neighbors, even the gay ones. Love your self too, just don't be vain. Peace be with you!

All Mothers are a Madonna lyrics

All Mother's are a Madonna, when a child is in their arms

Surrounded by a circle of love, warm and safe from harm

All Mother's are a Madonna, when they give a child love

All Mother's are a Madonna, when they give a child love

Surrounded by loving dreams streaming from above

streaming from above.

All Mother's are a Madonna, when a child is in their arms

Surrounded by a circle of love,close your angel eyes

Hush my baby don't you cry, close your angel eyes

close your angel eyes

She bestow a tender kiss and than hums a lullaby

Hums a lullaby

Angels in heaven will keep them from harm

while they're rocked in the cradle of their Mom's ands Dads arms

Angels in heaven are singing God hymns

Blessing stream down when families love him

Completing the circle, the circle of love

They will be blest with All of your love.

Blessing will stream down from heaven above

When Families complete their circle of love

A family circle of our love for Him, A circle of Joy

His love for us, A wondrous circle of love

All Mother's are a Madonna, when they give a child love

Surrounded by a circle of love, HmmmHmmmmHmmmm

So Hush my baby don't you cry She hums a lullaby


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"Where God is, There is Peace"

Dec. 25., 2006 was a very productive Christmas Day. I always connected Christmas with Peace on Earth. I wrote a song that Christmas Day that increased my awareness of wonderful sense of presence of God every where, in every one and in every thing. It is a song for all seasons , all days and all people!

Where there is Kindness, there is love.

Where there is love there is God.

Where there is God there is peace.

Go with God and live and love in Peace.

I always believed That God was every where, But the concept that God, in being everywhere is also in every thing and every one, generates excitement, respect and love for every thing, every animal and every person. Even some people I had problems liking before I now look at in a more gentle light.

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"Reach out with Kindness"

There is a great old song , What the world needs Now is love sweet love. Reaching out with Kindness is one way of bringing love into the world.

If any one song sings of the way I am now and have been much of my life this is it. Reach out with Kindness, touch some one with love.

I am on a high driven by understanding more completely my purpose in life. I have been doing Random Acts of kindness much of my life and encouraging other to do. I used the prayer of St. Francis as one of my guides in life. This is reflected in my Philosophy of Alltruism, It feel s good to do good. It is better to do things out of love not guilt.

The high that I am on is not predicated on a relationship you have with an other person. it is the one have between God and myself. To your Own self you must be true. We must cultivate our own honesty, courage and strength through perseverance so that in the future we may have the capacity to help others in their moment of need.

I love random acts of kindness, and do them when I can. It is actually a song about my philosophy of All Truism. It feels good to do good when you help others, especially when you do it out of inner compassion, love and care. I like the International flavor of America and this song

There was another touching story on the news today of a lady investor attending a foreclosures auction who tried to comfort a lady sitting on the floor crying as her foreclosed home was about to be auctioned off.

Well this wonderful Texas lady bought the house so the crying lady would not lose her home. I am not sure what kind of an arrangement she made with the lady but she and her family will not be homeless in these trouble times. Kind people come from all political parties. That Kind lady may have been a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent. What ever she is she is above them all when it come to caring kindness that we need to see more of in these troubled times.

There was another story about a group called code pink who are women involved in expressing their disfavor with the Iraq war. They heard of a Mother who lost her son in Iraq, who was in emminent danger of also losing her home to forclosure. They raised money and prevented it from happening. Unfortunately people with less bear the higher cost of war as the opportunities for their kids are less and the Armed Forces are one of the few openings for them.

All I can say is What wonderful examples of women again. When will men ever learn to to emmulate their caring wisdom. They should not be concerned about their masulinity if they do. They should if they don't.

Reach out With kindness Lyrics

Reach out with kindness, touch someone with love

Smile and say hi to people passing by

Spread a little sunshine as you walk along your way,

Mile after mile, day after day, You can change the world around you

With your smile today. Do a random act of Kindness.

Out of love not guilt today, Brighten up the world with your Smile.

When you pass a stranger , Don’t start thinking danger.

Smile and say Hi with no fear in your eyes Spread a little sunshine

Mile after mile, day after day, You can change the world around you

With your smile today Do a random act of Kindness

Out of love not guilt today. Brighten up the world with your Smile.

Bon Jouno, Bon Journo, Share the joy you know,

The joy you find in living, loving everyday

Gid Day Mate , Gid day in an Aussie way

Share the joy you know, the joy you find in living, loving everyday
Bon Jour Mon Ami Bon Jour Mon Amour
Let your smile beam like sunshine, when you walk out that door
Let your steps be lively as you walk along today
Hum, sing or whistle this song along the way
Spread a little sunshine as you walk along your way,
It feels good to do good, try it out today
Try It you like it, as you go along your way
Mile after mile, day after day, You can change the world around you

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"The Perfect Year around Christmas Gift"

Though originally a Christmas song It touches upon a pressing need present the years around. Should you elect to give that gift of love and circumstances occur that bring deep personal loss to your family and love ones, That loss will become less painful in knowing that a life saving part of you lives on in your gift of hope and love.

This song evolved into an organ donor request song. Years of reaching out to others who were terminally ill made me aware of the anxiety they had while awaiting an organ donors gift. For some people the gift of life they await never comes. Other have been blessed with successful transplants that gave them a whole new lease on life. Getting on a donor list does not shorten your life. You will probably live longer.

It is very easy to be an organ donor. While writing this song I became a donor. Call or go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will give or send you a small simple donor card document. You check off what you would like to do. You sign it and have it witnessed. Take the pink donor dot and attach it to your driver's license or identification card. Your ultimate gift of a legacy of life could bring a great amount of joy into a desperate family's life. It is more than a gesture, it is a confirmation that you are a caring human being. Your kindness will be deeply appreciated, and in way you will live on beyond your days.

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" Evergreen Tree 4 parts

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"Evergreen Tree, Hopes and Prayers "

The second version I recorded Dec.18, 08 It has been a while since my last session and I really enjoyed the singing.

Evergreen Trees can be synonymous with love never ending. The Song traces the endless circle of love from it's early conceptions to love Eternal Everlasting Love combining the physical and spiritual.

It is a love song of deeper eternal Love not one night stands, or some people excuse for aerobic exercises. Of all the songs that I have written, this song is one of deep meaning woven into symbolic visual imagery. It is a circle of love that starts from Heaven, a mountain wind that blows out of heaven to the earth below whispering in the Evergreen trees with hopes and prayers of dreams.

I see a shaft of light breaking through the clouds beaming down on Lovers. Love then flows like a mountain stream cascading down the face of the mountain to burst into spray and clouds of mist in the valley below. From there love runs it course to the sea twisting and turning with each new bend of river as it runs to the sea. Love meld with the ocean and becomes one with the tides rising and falling in all kinds of weather and challenges that Lovers experience.

Love meld with the tide, to become waves caressing the shore. There are times when giant waves crash on rock bound coasts The spray is transformed into white doves that soar heaven ward and life's journey takes love back to where it emanated from in the first place Heaven, With prayer Love can be a gift from God to help you find happiness and joy and become a living part of part of the endless circle of eternal love. Love is a gift from God, in the same way His Son was. It is filled with joy but no stranger to pain. When it fall, true love will rise again and know heaven on earth until it complete the circle in heaven. Some will know of what I speak of. They have been blessed by God with the gifts of passion balanced by compassion, Love filled with care. Joy and sorrow until they are rejoin and their own virtues.

There was a long Island folk group who wanted to record it on an album their manager Simon of Simon and combining was producing. I was sailing at the time and not around to sign the release forms. The song was designed to be sung by multiple voices in free harmonies, wave after wave never ending.

I sang it one time at the town dock at Edgartowne at Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts where the yacht that I was working on was tied up. Every night after work I would bring my guitar out and play and sing. I was joined by more and more people with guitars each night. The third night was magical. It was a warm misty foggy night. We had about forty or fifty people who sang and played along. I gave them vocal parts, dividing them into male and female parts for contrast and they improvised. The song drifted out over the harbor like never ending waves of mystic echoes. The next line would begin while the last note of the preceding line was held in harmony. It was an ethereal experience. "True love is like the evergreen tree, always green with the hopes and prayers of dreams."

I have feeling that God may have found favor at times with my Music and Art. The true experiences I wrote of on directory under Creativity and Spirituality border on being Minor Spiritual Paranormal happenings. After listening to the song click on link. Creativity and Spirituality.

When I look at Obama, I do not see a Black Man. I do not see a White Man, I see a Good American!

Obama With Your Support Will Lead America through Current problems and help more Americans realize their dreams and potential. America once more will lead the world by the strength of it's ideals not impose it by misdirected power. With Obama as Commander in Chief. our Armed Forces that grow in it's Resolve, Strength and Character. They will Stand Tall On Principles and be Respected Through out the World, Standing Ever Ready to Defend. Only Enemies Need Fear Our Power.

I wrote this song November 5, 08. Like America it is a work in progress. I did it one time while I was composing it and played while I was removing Campaign material from my home page.

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"Obama At the Helm"

Ride the waves of freedom on fair winds and a fair tide.

With Obama at the helm, with God right by his side.

Ride the waves of freedom on fair winds and a fair tide.

Everyday's a bright new day, in the journey of our lives

we'll ride the wave of freedom. we'll overcome the strife.

Today is a bright new day, in the journey of our lives

we'll look forward with hope and prayers and overcome the strife

Ride the waves of freedom on fair winds and a fair tide.

With Obama at the helm, with God right by his side.

America's unlimited potential.

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Out of the many one. I love this song and the positive aspects of America that it portrays. When we come together out of many one, the beauty of America shines brighter than the sun.

We have to work together. There can be no complacency at this time. This is no time for ethnicity, Religious differences or discrimination of any kind to stand in the way of bringing American together in unity , Out of the many one.

A prayer painting and song For Peace in America and the World

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"Extended Meditation Instrumental"

Wave Makers of America song is dedicated to All of You and all Americans, to Ted Kennedy His Brothers and Family, a Great American Family of Wave Makers.We all should make waves and rock the dam boat of complacency!

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"Wave Makers of America,Country Music"

"Wave Makers of America, Bossa Nova"

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"Ashes at Sea"In Memory of JFK Jr. His wife Carolyn and her Sister Laureen.

If you love the sea you will appreciate this song. Have any of your family or friends scattered their ashes at or by the sea or if you thought of setting your own spirit free in this way listen to this song. It was written for you. The story how the song came about is in the directory Scatter my ashes at sea, Set my spirit free

Johnny Goes Marching On.

I recorded this arrangement and changes. October 12, 2008 anniversary of the USS cole attack.

This song is dedicated to Ted Kennedy one of a Great American Family of Wave Makers. The wave makers of America go back in time to the discovery of America and are as plentiful as the individuals who all played a role in the making and Insuring America's greatness, one out of the many and out of the many one. That tradition will continue on through time .

It is not the right and wrong or The black and White perception of political parties.

It is the purity of intent of individuals whose actions have the good of all Americans at heart, who are not afraid to go against the flow of the powerful or the many and make waves in the interest of America's legacy of freedom for one and all.

It is in the inspirational charisma and leadership that Individual wave maker are gifted with that inspire others to take positive action steps. In my own life, Ted's Brother John ( JFK) and my Dad did that for me and inspired me to try to be a better American with the interest of all Americans in my heart and drives my creative efforts to this day in the twilight of my life at 72, to Stand Tall on Principles, Do My Duty, and reach out with compassion to others in need in America and work against divisive discrimination and the misuse of Religion for political purposes in America.

I wrote the first version of Johnny in memory of my dad, Captain Harry Bleich MIA in World War Two. The the Jet black horse rider less that day section is dedicated to John F. Kenndy. My Dad, Captain Harry Bleich and JFK were my influences and sources of courage and inspiration through out my life. Be a hero of one in your decisions. Follow through with courage! The Navy goes sailing on section was dedicated to the Crew of the USS Cole.

Edward and Victoria Kennedy on board the Mya

May Ted continue the family tradition of making waves in the Atlantic and in Washington for many Years.

Wave Makers are successful when they work with others to get things done. Democracy requires team work on both sides of the political isle, On all sides of the political spectrum and among all Americans. we will fail if we do not come together as Americans to change the tenor, deceptions and selfishness that has reared it ugly political head for too dam long.

Kennedy the Good ole American Wave Maker and Obama the new American Wave Maker.

There comes a time when the torch of freedom and leadership must be handed down to the young wave makers who can inspire, lead and work with others!

The Wave makers of America

Ride the waves of freedom, on the rising tides of change,

Guided by the Hand of God, Ride the waves you made

All free Americans are born to make waves.

All free Americans are born to be brave and ride the waves they made

Americans made waves in 1776 ,

Lets do the same in freedom’s name In 2000 and eight

The Wave makers of America made America great,

Time to heed the call, Freedom for one and all,

Our Turn has come, the time is Now, the time To Make Waves!

No more No more Dam Mistakes like we made before, Rushing into war,

9/ 11 made us angry, blinded by our woe,

We trapped Bin Laden at Tora Tora. But let the devil go

Free to Recruit more Hate filled reapers Free To bring the world more woe.

We Vented anger on Saddam and let Bin laden go,

We should Solve the many problems we have right here at home,

Not invading Mid East Countries where we don’t belong.

It’s a time to Pray and work for Peace, Not a time to aim for war.

Lets Spend our money on America, Our needs are great once more & make America Strong

Not a time for Sleeping, Time to stop the weeping,

Stop the Tears from flowing down more young widow’s eyes,

Dry the tears their children cry, Bring their daddies home, Bring our soldiers home.

Ride the waves of freedom, on the rising tides of change,

Guided by the Hand of God, On the Incoming Tides of change. Ride Ride Ride

Ted Kennedy’s family has inspired some of my wave making. His brother, President John Fizgerald Kennedy when he was President became part of a wave I made many years ago when I was in the military. I wrote to a Catholic Priest in try to get a character voucher for a Puerto Rican Cook who was being rail roaded with false charges of Beef theft from the mess hall at the Army base kitchen in Conn. where I was stationed at the time.

There was this mean Southern cook who was going to be sent to a Thule Greenland radar station. That's like being sent to a Siberian gulag and it's no place for a Southerner. In an effort to avoid that he hoped he could have the Puerto Rican go in his place if he could create trouble for the other cook. He gave him a box of steaks to share with his rather large Catholic family as you know how they are about birth control. He than proceeded to call the guard gate and told the guard to stop him at gate as he has stolen steaks from the mess hall.

Well they arrested him and confined him to base. The cooks on base had their own room so they put him in with me. In my letter to the priest I explained what happened and said his parishioner who he knew as a Latino Soldier who would always go to communion when at home was unjustly under house arrest and needed help. Could he be a character witness for the soldier and perhaps write a letter in his behalf should it go to trial?

Well he did more than that! He was a friend of Rose Kennedy and went to Hyannisport and spoke to Rose Kennedy. She called up her son the President and he called up the base and the Puerto Rican was released from arrest.. Then the battery Commander called me up on the carpet and was angry with me for breaking the Chain of Command.

I smile when I think about that, It was cool. I have been challenging chains of command, people and parties who abuse power and try to exert control, much of my life. I managed to live to be 72 while doing it and am reaching for 99 years of age like my mom did and I will continue to make waves until I die.

A boy hood chum Frank Boyd reminded me of how I was hired by J P Morgan's daughter as her personal photographer to shoot scenes around Her estate.

Being an Aquarius, The pool area was one of my favorites.

I hired Frank Boyd to help me as I needed some shots from Long Island Sound of the Main Mansion from the water and he had a canoe.

Frank Boyd is a wonderful photographer documenting the Changing face of vanishing Americana in Michigan where he now lives.

I was a roofer doing some work on Her Estate when I first met Mrs.. Morgan. I told her I was a photographer and she asked if I could show her some of my work. She really like my art photographs of long Island and hired me as her personal photographer to document her extensive estate.

She was an accomplished artist in her own right and my visits to her art studio was instrumental in cultivating my love and eventual competency in Painting.

Among the photos I took were some of the private hideaway cottage that Jacqueline and John Kennedy stayed at. Frank reminded me that I would not sell them to a magazine when asked to when they some how learned I had shot the photographs of the cottage and had them in my possession. It was a matter of personal integrity. I did not want to betray Mrs.. Morgan's trust or the Kennedy's.

It is kind of strange in a way where my path have crossed the paths of the Kennedy's in different ways but never met them. I use to sail professionally in the areas like Hyannisport and Martha's Vinyard, in Mass. I recall John Kennedy being on a yacht that passed under a bridge I was standing on in Palm Beach. I remember a feeling of apprehension and fear of danger to him. This was a year be fore JFK was assassinated in Dallas. He was on an open afterdeck at the time. My concern was he could be shot.

I have had the above seascape painting in my own collection for over 35 years that has Images of faces and other things in the sky.

I never saw any of the faces until Jack Calahan, a well known Rockport Portrait artist and friend showed them to me.

He pointed to one and said that it looked like Jack Kennedy looking downward.

Then he proceeded to direct my attention to another face of what looked like a chubby Bishop with a Barretta on that was part of the same image looking in another direction.

Jack Calahan said you have another face in the upper right that looks like Rembrant’s, Man in the Golden Helmet that also could be viewed as a gaunt face oif Christ. He said you have everything in the right places as far as the anatomical structures of the face was concerned. It took a portriat artist to show me that. I was never aware of it until then.

When Jack showed the face I took it off the market and kept it in my own collections for many years, as one of my favorite paintings I have ever done. The work was a result of a subconscious flow experienced while painting a light blue grey dynamic seascape.

The past year I have been taking it off the wall and put it on the floor so I could focus on it and strudy it as I do with Paintings in progress. When I was alone it was a focal point for a free flow meditation. I found another face thirty five years later that reminded me of Robert Kennedy that I never saw before...It looks different in Pictures , It is some where in this section . Can you find what I once saw?

There are other time when I will adjust the range of contrast and color intensity and it is reveals other abstract images with in the same painting. I was joking with my son, I am like the visionary painter in the TV show Heroes. I always thought it was cool to find so many images in my art work after the work is done. Other artist will intentionally camouflage or create hidden images as part of their design in that once popular genre of Hidden images. The old Master accomplished it through their masterful use of perspective to make subtle statements.

I have always felt that certain people should have certain art works that were meant for them, I have been having a feeling, Caroline Kennedy should have this one to keep and share with her family.

It's kind of strange, I began writing this section Oct. 3, 08. It is now the 19 th. Back than I just spent most of the afternoon doing a recording, reading something I just put up on my home page , Why I am voting for Obama why the young and Old should do the same.

This Sunday morning I am listening to back ground Music of Instrumentals I have composed to possible be used in a new abbreviated narration of the Importance of Obama being America's next Leader. My ideas were expressed by a man whom the majority of Americans respect, Colin Powell when He endorsed Obama and was critical of the campaign run by Mc Cain as divisive at a critical time in America. The term over the top is not one that can honestly describe Mc Cain's Campaign. It as low and as dirty as you can go!

I seemed bound and determined to do what I can do to share what I wrote and then recorded with the instrumental The light of Good's Love that I composed while working on a prayer painting for peace among all people , all Religions.

I spent well over a month on this spiritual high that I described as tripping in a spiritual wonderland. It was wonderful.

My pain was gone, My financial concerns were there but they did not seem to matter. I was flooded with what one might call a joyful feeling of loving God and receiving it in return. I was painting with wonderful notes of positive energy while listening to the cloud nine music I wrote. I am sure my son may have another apt description for my music and singing while I am painting .

I felt like I was doing what I was should be doing. It was kind of like being a pawn moved by the hand of God, going in the direction I should be going in, working for peace.

we see ordinary men like Bush rule more like a king, then govern like a President, The same for his supporting cabinet. moved in the wrong direction by the hands of man's special imterests. My feelings are really nothing weird or mystical. It just the good feeling that come with trying to do good for others. I feel I am answering the same clarion call my Dad answered that he expressed in his last letter home from St. Johns New Foundland, the last port on that ill fated trip he was Missing In Action in World War Two.

It was important for him to do his part. He wanted to to do something for his Country America, even though he was once an immigrant.

It is important for me to do my part now as has always been. Like my Dad I want to do something for my Country now!

I may have been resting and building up spiritual, moral and physical strength for the effort and challenges ahead.

At the start of October I found a recorded message on my answering machine, " Doctor orders.The VA hospital want you to call to make to make an appointment."

I had a 24 hour heart monitor on about three weeks before and It was logical to think it was about the results of my 24 heart monitor test, As I have not heard the results of the heart monitor test.

A few weeks before that I had a heart echo test and the technician said She was not at liberty to say anything, The Doctors at Pal Alto have the expertise for more of complete analysis. I was joking about my anxiety and she in kind caring way said, You have problems but not of a serious enough nature to call to the immediate attention of my primary care doctor, So that is good news.

The two primary care Doctors that I had were wonderful examples of the better side of Medical Care, Though I feel Dr. Keihl, a cardiologist who cared for my Mother and I is at top of that list of Doctors who inspire trust. Doctor Delphinae is another wonderful doctor, a surgeon, who cared for my Mom.

I have some medical problems but they seem secondary to me and though their may be some risk in delays.

I am quite willing to take these risks until after Nov. 4 th. I want to do all I can in my own creative way to work for the necessary positive Change in America.

I believe Obama will bring to all American through his even steady handed leadership. Though they may not realize it even the wealthy will fare better. America and the world will be a safer and kinder place.

I will either become more healthy or die sooner doing what I love. I don't give dam and I doubt that anybody else does either, other than my three boys. I feel great making the effort. Now and then I have a sharp fleeting rap of pain in my neck that goes up to my right temple that swell now and then and causes some mild pain, but it passes. I will be fine.

I still have to own another beat up old sailboat of my own to wander around Tropic Islands before check out time. I will work hard at having it be a larger boat than My 34' Dutch Van Dam Yawl The PipeDream That I owned and skippered for 7 or 8 years.

I have this funny dream wish as a sailor. Though I never met him Ted Kennedy. Next summer I would like to go with him and some of his family on a New England afternoon sail on the schooner Mya.

That would mean we both made it through another winter.

Early on in the Bush Presidency if you disagreed with the administration, some would and perhaps still do view you as traitor. There are many who wonder now who was betraying who when the deception leading up to the war was revealed and documented.

Back to the 60ies, Make love not War

Back in the Sixties, while others were writing Peace songs I was writing Patriotic Songs about Patrick Henry, ”Give me Liberty or Give me Death” and had a JFK quote in the song. JFK said Neither Dead or Red.

I organized Hootenannies in a Roslyn Long Island, New York Tea Room and encouraged people with different points of view to share them with the public through the medium of song. I have always had this feeling that in trouble times, one of the most dangerous things America faces is a room where every body is in lock step agreeance with out balancing ideas that may be different from theirs. It encourages a wolf pack mentality.

My Johnny comes marching home again is one that I use to perform with a Kingston trio type of young New York men at American Legion Meetings and even in Greenwich Village, N.Y.

I use to sing with a young banjo player, Skip (Alexander) not sure of his last name now. His Father was in the FBI and we even had a positive song about the FBI the son wrote in our repertoire. There was a neat young lady who played clarinet, but not when she performed with us. She sang unique harmonies and musical rifts that a clarinet would do with her voice.

Now I am writing Peace songs along with my Patriotic songs. My approach is in this Inscription,

"May the Common Goals of Peace and Understanding be Assured through Mutual Respect, Unity and Strength!

My Johnny Come marching home parody that I wrote for my Dad who was Missing In Action in World War Two, became a homage to JFK when I added a new verse.

The drums they tolled a mournful dirge as the Caisson rolled their way, followed by a jet black horse rider less that day.

It grew to become a homage to the shipmates of the USS Cole and the Navy goes sailing on.

Back to the 60ies again and a mission.

My efforts to promote Patriotic songs as an alternative to strike a balance to the Peace songs led me on across America adventure with my wife Carol was a bit of a hippy as I was myself back then. The purpose of the trip was meeting the thunder on the right people that were featured in Look magazine. ( Back than the projected fear of the times were communists, today it is terrorist ). It was an introduction to what still goes on behind the scenes today. I use to be angry about Karl Roves dirty pool about Mc Cain’s adopted daughter. Rumors were spread through the Carolinas Bible Belt during the primaries involving Bush and Mc Cain. The foulest of lies that this severely disfigured young lady whom the Mc Cains through costly operations gave a new lease on life to, was his love child.

Rove promoted divisiveness between Americans by harnessing the hatred, fear and division we have had in America for years.


I can not blame him as the cause for the hatred, fear and suspicion of others who are different in some way. That has been around America for years. He may have helped Bush and the Republicans of that period win elections but eventually it led to losses they are experiencing now. Winning a battle is not winning the war. The fragmentation they created is now working against them. They have destroyed the trust in the Republican Party that took many years to develop in less then a decade.

While travel through the South West and Texas promoting the patriotic song concept that was pretty much absent at that time, I met people who were ready to shoot other people who they thought were communists. I don’t doubt that some of them may have thought I was a communist because I played guitar in Greenwich Village in New York and was Jewish among my other diverse ethnic backgrounds..

Put my visit to Dallas in the time context of the year before the John F. Kennedy assassination. There were some strange things happening in Dallas. I went to the FBI to figure out what in the hell was going on. Again this was the year before JFK was killed there. They told me if I can’t take the heat, get out of the frying pan. Part of the reason for going to the FBI was some of the people connected with General Walker whom I was suppose to sing at his speeches but that kind of fell through when I would not remove the JFK Kennedy quote "Neither Dead nor Red "from my Patrick Henry song. They made arrangements for my wife Carol and I to stay with a real dynamic young attractive couple in their apartment while we were in Dallas. He had a thick accent that I thought may have been German. He tried desperately to recruit me as one of his followers. He said I must do what ever he ask with out question! He said that he must prove to the others that he is a leader. He was a leader but I am not a follower who follows blindly.

I am dam careful in my selection of leaders. There are not too many people that I would follow. JFK is one I would and do so posthumously. His sprit and example lives on. His waves roll on!

I felt JFK's book on profiles of Courage is one the kids of today should read. There were other books of that inspiring nature that I read and took to heart. Partially because I was seeking answers about my dad's decision to leave the security of a draft exempt job as a ship pilot in the Canal zone. I wanted to more fully understand his last letter to his family he sent home from St. Johns, NewFoundland a week before his ship was torpedoed off the coast of Iceland, when He was Missing in Action.

I like the Christopher movement concept of it is better to light one candle then curse the darkness. If one were to toss a pebble into a pond the world is different for the action. Imagine what making a wave can do!

I was told by General Walker's people there was an attempt to shoot General Walker, the week before we arrived. The next year there was questions after Oswald's capture that he may have been involved the attempt on Walker life. I have respect for military Men but for some reason Gen. Walker seemed troubled and with out spirit and was seemingly under the controlled directions of a Robert Surry. He seemed like a prisoner taking orders..

I can remember leaving Leaving New Orlean after visiting with the Courtneys, leaving Dallas heading to Cal. on that trip and visiting a Dr. Shwartz out in California.


My wife and I arrived in California broke and our stomach shrunk to a point we bought a couple of White Castle tiny hamburgers at 25 cents, a quarter or less and could only eat one each and save the other two for the next day.

Gene Autry , the singing cowboy who owned the California Angel got me a job as a steward at the Stadium Club on Allessian Way where the Dodgers and the Angel shared a baseball stadium.

I sailed to Cuba with Gene Autry and his wife on a converted Air Sea Rescue boat that was owned by a Herbert Atlas who gave Autry his start when Atlas was one of the President of the Western branch of CBS. Atlas was one of these don't give a dam. strong man. He once cut a sailboat in half on the Great Lakes when The sailboat cut across his bow. So much for marine right of way.

We left Cuba for the Bahamas under Storm warning cautions. On our way back to the Bahamas we encountered strong North winds of hurricane force in gust. The storm was blowing against the North bound Gulf Stream and some wild steep seas were rapidly building as they would be subject to do when you have the wind against the normal flow or current in the opposite direction. We dam near sunk. We had to cut loose a 18 ft lap streak launch that broke it tie down lines and was battering the hull as it swung wildly on the davits as the yacht was pitching and rolling in the steep breaking seas. The davit ripped out of the hull but fortunately the large hole that it made was on deck and in the cabin not in the outer hull.

It was a bit of an adventure cutting the launch loose with Gene having a rope around his waist locking himself in the entry way for leverage and the other end was on a sailor who was trying to cut through the steel support cables. The sailor did not have enough strength to cut the cables, I made my way out with out a rope around my waist and we did it together. When we severed one cable the launch was battering the hull even worse than before we cut the cable. The davit broke loose from the hull leaving a gapping hole. The launch quickly filled with water and sunk.

I flew back from Bimini in the Bahamas with the Gene Autry and His wife in a small Chalk Airline seaplane that had room for four people as I had a date with the Army as I was drafted. Gene said if I ever got out to California to look them up. I did and he got me a job at the stadium club. I got to see some good games before and after work, as they had double headers.

A Brooklyn Dodger game was the first professional game I saw when they played in New York...

One thing is for sure, life is never dull especially when you are outspoken and an independent wave maker!

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"The World Beyond Your Door"

I really like this song and it's a great one for young and old alike when it's time for you to venture out into the world beyond your door. When you have to take chances and dive into another aspect of life with new wonderful expectations not fear. It time to do it! Look forward to the next stage of life and bid adieu to the old. You will like this and it will help you through your life changing decision to face the great unknown with courgage. You will accomplish goals you never could otherwise.

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"Senior Stops"

This song is dedicated to all seniors and one in particular, the kind wonderful 75 year old retired teacher from New York I wrote more about her in ” Only In Carmel “Section on directory who lives in one of the local retirement communities in the area. She got a Stop sign ticket immediately after leaving my gallery in the late evening. She came back the next day to tell me about it and how she never gets tickets. She said "Maybe They don't want me visiting you. " I told her she should not think that way. I never did see her again. I wrote about her as being the inspiration for the addition of Not Bush to my troop support sign on the back of my car. This song is dedicated to to some few of the local Carmel fuzz parade ,To the same young officer who ticketed me twice in a row in about a week or so. He did not bother me as much as the lame excuse for a police officer who deliberately tried to blind me just before the Stop sign with his bright pullover lights. I really believe that was an effort to hang another Stop sign ticket on me. Bad cops like that are a disgrace to all the good honest policemen. Hell the only college credits I have are 3 credits in police administration and one and a half for a Lamaze birthing class and I have been very supportive of policeman and their families. Pull up my Orion section. I like Deputy Dan The swat team man, who was in charge of a Swat team in a major City in one of the North Central States... He said with respect , George you are awesome!

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"A Time for all Americans" I wrote this before the primaries began. I felt like the far greater numbers of Americans that we needed a real change in Washington. From the top down to the bottom.

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Isaac's Eyes

This song for loving parents has a number of reason why for their children's welfare and future you should vote for Obama,

I was inspired by the young child who visited my studio In Pebble Beach with his parents who were close friends of Carly , my poet friend from Australia. I commented to them That Issac had a serious look of wisdom on his face. While I was in the process of writing the song another neighbor hood Child named John also help provide the inspiration. In both case The children had loving parents to appreciate the love and trust the child had for them.

The dad was a good musician that I jammed with a bit while visiting carly in Australia. I am looking forward to having Dylan help me complete the song Isaac’eyes as Dylan has an excellent voice and plays a cool guitar..

In conversation With Dylan and Rebecca our cionversation wandered to Music and I discussed that they had could use their creativity to write some songs for Isaac, their 8 month old child.

I recorded Dylan singing Christopher Robin on Guitar, Rebecca had a tambourine and Isaac had a gourd with beans in I brought back from the Bahamas to shake. We had fun.

They all added touches to my last finished Master touch of Point Lobos and Isaac had a magic touch. He painter a perfect poppy that even had a raised area around the core. They also added an original painting that I had in my personal Collection to their collection. It was the Cypress Point Painting that I put into print.

Isaac said Look up George, don’t give up, Isaac is on your side

Two version of song I like the first one best as it just flowed out in one effort that was not an effort,

"Isaac's Eyes One"

The second one was influenced by other kids too , Some I saw on American Idol fundraiser and some I saw on the autism programs on cnCNN and one special little boy that has autism that I held above my head when I lifted him up. This song has more than a few rough edges if any musicians out there want to help finish it, It may help some one some day.

"Isaac's Eyes Two"

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"Little Miss Money Mouse"

The window painting and an irrate phone call inspired this humerous ditty for some one in a dither.

Songs of America, What America is. What America has become, What it will when the change that is inevitable happens with your help.

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Out of the many one. I love this song and the positive aspects of America that it portrays. “ When we come together out of many one, the beauty of America shines brighter than the sun. We are a great Nation not because of Politic but in spite of politics. The strength of America has been insured by our Constitution and the the wisdom that our fore-father put there. Our great Country and the concept of freedom for all should never be sacrificed to the agents of fear, whether they live in our country or abroad. Our people should never be herded into seperate compounds where walls of mistrust seperate neighbors from neighbors and fellow Americans from fellow Americans. We can not sacrifice our freedoms to intolerence that leads to hatred. I want to live in the USA, The United States of America not the USCA, United States of Covert America. It is a time for unity and healing, a time to realize that mistakes have to stop before we can bring bring about positive change...

Rowland Evans a gifted songwriter and great musician suggested inserting the line Out of the Many, One, a translation inscribed over the Great Seal of America become more than a forgotton motto, a latin term that too few realize the meaning of. If indeed English is our primary language it is time to translate it into English to increase the awareness and understanding of a potential powerful uniting term. In this day and age we need to do that. Good Americans have to come together for honest dialog with respect as the moderator. We have to realize that we are not the Red States or Blue States. We are the United States. We must be good Americans before we can be good Republicans or good Democrats or Independents which is where I am at presently! Our primary Allegiance is to America, not the Country, Ethnic family our fore fathers came from. We are a country formed by emingrants from around the world. If you support the Country where your forefathers came from more than America. , It may be time for you to move back there. It is a crucial time to put America before politics. We are weakening the potential of America when we fail to fund our schools and educational and cultural programs for our youth. We must do more to help more students from diverse stratas of America succeed. The recent raising cost of Education will make it more difficult for more students from different financial strata to pursue higher education. This will further weaken the future American standing in global economics. I find it upsetting when I look at the billions we pour into Iraq. I see American Cities and Towns in financial difficulty. Schools, Hospitals and libraries shutting down are opened on a limited basis. Interest on student loans are going up. Programs that serve Americans are being slashed.. May I invite you to read my concept of Alltruisim not Altruism, on the last button on my directory. The good we do for others will make the world a better safer place for every one when we come together , out of the many one. It is time we come together my friends as friends,Out of the many One.

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"Cruising the USA"

, was started in our small Toyota pickup truck about seven years ago. Mother who was around 92 at the time and my son Jon was 5 and the three of us were singing and writing, Cruising the USA in our little pickup truck. I thought I would finish it while she was still around to hear it. She is now 99 and not quite doing fine. It is dedicated to My Son Christopher Orion and His Lady Fair, Marina. They are planning a trip somewhat like the song. It reached the plateau of it's current state at 4:30 AM, June 14th. As I recorded the process of writing it. I leaned on my experiences of driving across the USA many times.

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Johnny Goes Marching On

Americans have always responded with courage and sacrifice in service to their country and mankind. For the families of the Firemen and Policemen, individuals in the Service in times of war, this song has an uplifting and comforting message. The torch of freedom is handed down to every man that we will all be free as America goes marching on. This patriotic song spans the decades from 1942 to current time and beyond. It was written in My Father's Memory, who was missing in action MIA, Dec. 7, 1942 in the North Atlantic. New words were added later honoring the memory of the crew of the USS COLE. Some of the terrorists who were involved the attack on the USS Cole were involved in the Attack on America. Sang by, written, arranged, and played by George Bleich on a Yamaha Psr 9000

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If Johnny Cash came back today.

Johnny Cash always looked out for those in need and was truthful and fearless in expressing his views . He used his heart for all men and a special place for those who had problems. He was an uncommon man with a heart for the common man. May we all follow in that American tradition of reaching out to those in need.

Revised version, July 23 of Johnny cash dedicated to our soldiers who served the military, To those who gave their lives and to those who will bear the scars of war until their final days. Some will live in increasing physical pain as those with agent Orange and the Gulf War syndrome. There is a grave risk of conceiving deformed children. Tumors will keep appearing. Their teeth enamel will start to disintegrate as will their general health.

I am dedicating the song to an attractive young couple James and Kelly Simpson of West Virginia. James has what appears to be Gulf War syndrome. A former student at Defense Language Institute. He left West Virginia with his wife Kelly to seek work in the Monterey area in a 1968 pick up truck that once belonged to his grandfather. James said there was not much construction work in the mining town where they lived.

While camping in the desert in Arizona in proximity to an Indian reservation. They were robbed of money, belongings and power tools. Through the help of Veteran groups along the way they made it to Monterey. I met them in my gallery and they told me they were advised to go to Oregon as the cost of living was low and their was work to be had. They asked for a business card to write down the name of one of my master touch works "morning on the seine" that they really admired. They said they would order one when they got back on thier feet financially. They were a nice young couple who had more then their share of problems. I took it off the wall and said "no need to write the name down". Morning on the seine is yours. They touched my heart.

James and Kelly Simpson of West Virginia, A loving couple with a Bleich work of art to brighten up their lives

I treated them to lunch and invited them to my home the following evening for dinner. I had a friend, Surfer John, who had his own construction Company over to meet them. He advised them to not to go to Oregon. John said, he may have an opening for James a finish carpenter in the near future. They had some interim work lined up, first at the campground where they were staying caring for the Viet Nam veteran section during the motorcycle races at Laguna Seca. Than James was to go out fishing until the end of Salmon Season and Kelly was lining up waitress work. They spent a couple of days with me in an open loft that is part of my studio. It was a major improvement from Camping in a tent, especially during the foggy weather that lingered awhile. I offered to let them stay longer until they could afford a place. They evidently found accommodation that they could afford or were extended to them.

What impressed me was how the working people came to their aid. A mechanic helped repair their brakes for far less than the actual cost should be. He also made contact with some other construction friends in their behalf. It seemed as if most of the people who helped were also Christians who lived their religion by reaching out to others in need. I fall into that category also. I recently signed a letter of condolence to a lady who lost a love one, .Love George ( in the wonderful open way of loving and caring for those who enter my sphere even if just passing through) It is a bit of the Golden rule in action.

I contacted a few TV stations and the Monterey Herald to see about the possibility of a human interest story about James and Kelly. Unfortunately too many people sometime look at Veterans who have falling off the world as the dregs of humanity. They are looked upon with suspicion as Bums, drug addicts, alcoholics, crazies. They do not take into consideration Post traumatic stress or how the medication for pain can lead to other addictions.

Some times I wish the individuals who wave flags as a show of support for our troops would do a little more than that. They should take an interest in what happens to our Veterans, when They come home from combat zones. That they insure our heroes have the proper treatment for an array of health and mental problems that war can create. I get a bit angry at some young under thirty years of age who bravely say we are going to go and kick their ass over there. They don't go anywhere! They have their posh jobs and an easy life in the comfort zone. They drive a Hum bee with a license plate boldly declaring US is number One. They probably play make believe games that they are driving in Iraq when they are the terror on California Freeways.

There are many in the reserve and National Guards who are true unselfish Americans who put themselves at risk in serving their Country Valiantly. I am troubled when those who did their part by fulfilling their military obligations and were relieved to have made it home safely are called back into the service after they were honorably discharged and have their families once more praying that they will make it back home again safely.

Unfortunately some will die, Other will be injured and other like James will be afflicted with mysterious ailments that defy reasonable medical explanations. The Doctors are at a loss. What will really haunt their families are that the original reasons for the war was found to be untrue. There were no weapons of mass destruction or al-Qaeda ties. Don’t let our Veterans stand alone, speak out about the proposal to reclassify new injuries to remove them from qualification for disability. If you area true American and supported the Iraq war, you better dam well support our Veterans too! Don’t let them stand alone!

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Good Ole American

Gas prices are too damn high. An individual who owed me a fair amount of money on artwork informed me he would send me the money. His e-mail address was his name at ChevronTexaco.com. I posted the song Good Ole American which touched upon unfair windfall profits of oil companies right after his communications. I never received the money, nor has he answered my emails. Do you think it could be that who he worked for played upon his decision to with hold his payments? But than again I have other people doing the same as a result of my efforts to speak and write about what I believe is truthful. You don’t want to sell your soul to the devil for profit motivations. You can only do that once unless you make reparation like Earl does. Look out for Karma!

I’m just a good ole American from another time when politicians in the past put Americans first in line and I’m not talking soup kitchen or bread lines. Those with deep pockets. can afford hiring lobbyist to influence votes. When politician allow their votes to be purchased, they are betraying the trust and responsibility in America’s well being we place in their hands. We should not accept anything less than complete honesty from our leaders.

You don’t have to be old to be a good American. You can be young and get your butt out and vote. Get your friends to register with you and have your say in the direction that America will take. Your future is in your hands. If you don’t you will be like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest that you will never win. You will end up being drafted to protect the interest of oil corporations in the Mid-east. People driving around in large SUVs and Hummers don’t give a dam how high gas prices go. They’ll make money on their oil stocks.. But there is an another terrible price to pay and that is the cost of in human life and suffering of our soldiers abroad. The stock market does not represent the true health of America’s financial well being if corporate profit are achieved by cheap labor abroad. As India and China are prospering they are competing with us for oil and gas for their new Cars while we are having panic pumps attacks filling up our old cars. Imbalance on imports is a one way street that is not always open to our products while they flood America with theirs.

The interest of the young and their potential must be served as the future of our Country rest in the potential of their dreams and having them realized. Your future is being handicapped by the government tax give away that serve the fortunate few. The debt that America accrues today will be paid by your children tomorrow. Those in control in Washington are out of control, I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat It is time for house cleaning in Washington. Get out and vote for change.

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"Mr. President when you can't sleep? Do You Count Soldiers instead of Sheep?

The picture is worths over 4 thousnds words. One for each soldier..

The song was written at the start of the Iraq war and at that time I felt that President was cavalier about our losses in an effort to downplay them. The lines in his face indicate belatedly he is now aware of Them.

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"Deep Down"

I wrote this song years ago when other brave mining men were in eminent danger. Almost every year since I wrote the song in the sixties, Miners have faced without fear, the challenge of their profession in dire circumstance.

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"Hang Loose"

short version

I wrote this song to help others look at their problem as temporary and their is hope ahead if they don't give up.

I addressed some of the problems and suggested alternative using humor to try to help them hang in there and go on with their life

There have been numerous stories of people who were losing their homes who were so depressed they ended their lives. One man even took the lives of his family, which included young men and women.

If only they could look at their home as a temporary dwelling like a hermit crab does the shell on his back. When they lose their shell or out grow it they just get another someday. I have faced some of the same problem as result of Health problem created by improper care at CHOMP in Monterey, First with a disabling heel wound and than MSRA Staph Infection while being treated there for the first problem, that had me wondering if it was check out time. I am four month behind in mortgage payments, years behind in taxes

I had one lady come back and tell me, the song really helped her daughter who was having serious depression problems.

Hang loose and not at the end of a rope. Hang loose like a surfer hanging ten.

Find ways of introducing humor into your life and learn to laugh at yourself.

The song has simple Adopt my super ball philosophy of the harder life or broken dreams throws you to the ground, The quicker you bounce up, the higher you rebound. You will be too busy hanging in there living to have reason to count yourself down and out.

Exercise balance caution and care in your diet, desires and endeavors.

We are shocked when young and old people take their lives or the lives of others in dramatic ways, leaving this world before their time.

Be true to yourself and have a healthy respect and love for yourself and others.

Developing a gentle sound Spiritual base should be a guiding part of your whole being.


If your love one calls it quits, have no remorse my friend
There is a special some one meant for you just around the bend
You will find a love one who will be true Just hang Loose my Friend
Hang loose like a surfer a surfer hanging ten.
There more to life than money honey, Don't let stress get the best of you,
Lean on me when in need and learn to hang loose
Don't give up trying, Don't give up hope,
Hang Loose my Friend, And not at the end of a rope.
Make it the beginning Not the Bitter end.
Hang loose like a surfer, A surfer hanging ten.

The harder life or broken dreams throws you to the ground
The quicker you bounce up the higher you rebound
Just like a super ball, bouncing along, don't take a trouncing
Sing this Hang Loose song.
Greet and meet the positive beat of your new world's rhythmic drum
It is time to ride the upward swing of your personal pendulum

Love and be true to yourself my friend, others will love you too.
Joy will replace the sorrow, Tomorrow will end your blues.
Don't give up trying, Don't give up hope
Don't even think of swinging At the end of a rope
Hang loose my friend Like A surfer hanging ten.

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"Hang Loose"

Hang Loose good positive coping song longer version with life saving alternatives

The longer version has symbolic humorous life saving alternatives to hopefully help those who are stressed out and down reach down deep keep on trying and not succumb to an act that end any chance of starting over. I know that there are people who need far more love hope and care than this Coping song can bring but you can always hope that one person in need may substitute one these humorous symbolic acts in lieu of the act that ends all hope of recovery. Unfortunately some have taken the lives of others including family members in the process. I wrote this song in hope that it may save at least one life by falling prey to the act that ends all hope of recovery. I am sharing this with you in hope you share it with others. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve. You may have friends who are bluer than you could ever imagine and could use the lift this song may provide. Please share this free song. Down load it for a friend.

This version will have the following woven in with the first version. If you feel like putting a gun in your mouth or up against your head
Fill a water pistol with Bristol Cream Sherry or Mt. Gay Rum instead.
You may wake up with a hangover
but at least you wont be dead.

Weeping by the edge of eternity, where
Mother earth meets Father sea.
Feeling so down You want to drown
Neptune calling you Calling you on down,
100 fathoms down
Before you get, your end wet and are forever gone
Put on your dam water wings, Its time to get it on.
Dive into life. Hang loose my friend,
just like a surfer, a surfer hanging ten.

If you opt for cutting your wrist Use a dull butter knife
Please don't break the skin.
If you stick your head into an oven, Don't turn it on
Don't you dare pass wind

You're looking hard at your pill Bottles as a way out from your ills
It's time to OD, well reach for your bottle, Bottle of Vitamin Cs

If you're contemplating jumping as a way to end your blues
Take the risk, Jump out of bed, smack dab in your shoes
Jump into life. Hang loose my friend,
just like a surfer, a surfer hanging ten.

When I was young and I was down, I'd sketch an apple hanging tree
With a stick figure, hanging on a rope, swinging in the breeze
When I felt good the rope would go, disappear with fears and woe
Than I would make a fortune, hanging by my nose
picking apple with both hands, Hanging by my hook nose.

Don't take your last ride in your BMW,
with garage door down and tight,
Your Bimmer engine racing , with a hose on the exhaust,
Lead foot the throttle hard and down, Right on through the floor,
Pumping toxic fumes inside your car while the Bimmer roars!
Turn the engine off Turn your self on to this hang loose song!
The harder life or broken dreams throws you to the ground
The Quicker you bounce up the higher you rebound

Just like a super ball, bouncing along, don't take a trouncing
Sing this Hang Loose song my Friend.
Don't give up trying, Don't give up hope,
Hang Loose my Friend, And Not at the end of a rope.
Hang loose my friend, just like a surfer
A surfer hanging ten. Hang loose my friend

© April 15, 2007 George J. Bleich

Introduction to WWJD What would Jesus do.

I had two things happen last week that activated me to put WWJD and New Millennium Pharisee songs back up on my home page. There was a chance breakdown of one of my newer computers that I used in my down stairs studio for web work and lyric. The second was a conversation with My Son Jon and his Friend Jae that raised questions of impropriety that appeared as if some one was misusing Jon for devious purposes.

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"WWJD" "What Would Like Jesus Do"

, This song reflects my feelings and aversion to the misuse of God's name for profit. I am dedicating this song to Thomas Kinkaid

Just look up, google " Painter of Light Fraud ", THe FBI was investigating his company for misleading people into investing in his galleries. Possible fraud in manipulating his stock prices before he purchased his own company. The stories of how people lost their homes and life saving by these investment, It has national news and TV coverage. The stories dealt with the possible stock manipulation and immoral behavior if groping a lady breasts in public is immoral and peeing on Winne the pooh and also at Disney land while saying This is for you Walt. Bear in mind this is after He found Christ for profit and was saved. What was he like before? He was originally brought to my attention by a wide range of people including church elders and deacons of Christian Churches who questioned his sincerity of purpose.

It must be nice where you have the millions and millions of dollars to spend on a Christmas Story movie white washing your tarnished image. And as an added bonus have it be an ad for a work you are putting into print and you will have a cameo role working on it. That movie will be one of the most expensive propaganda advertising Flicks made. I find it interesting in a way that Liongate, an Independent film company , who made the movie also made Bill Maher's take on the current state of world religion Religulous. Some will find Bill Maher more honest than Mr. kink aid.

It is important to separate the projected image of the man with the reality of his motives for profit of his corporation. Even though it was primarily Christians who were ripped off, who lost their home and savings for their children's education investing in kinkaid they will still keep on doing it and he will feed them lines like any criticism levied against him is an attack on Christianity which is the standard reply of those who misuse religion for profit. It is used so often it is known as Christian Defense. And it works for them no matter what they have done. Kink aide is the Golden Calf from the past in the new millennium.

I had a copy of an Article in Art News in my gallery window with the headlines " Couple sours on Kinkade, Files suit over financial loss. " I had a note requesting that please do not confuse my paintings of Natural Light with the individual in the article. According to the article, Larry and Susan Di Giovanni claimed that Tom’s corporation mis-led them and defrauded them of their life savings of $ 1.3 million. The article said it was one of about 10 lawsuite against Media Art. Some one passing by said “There are so many Kinkade galleries it’s a wonder that it was not a class action suite.

A Christian lady fan came in and asked me how I could put the article from People Magazine in my window. She asked if I were a Christian? I said I was and more than likely so were the people involved in the law suits who lost their homes and life savings were Christians too. I recalled a conversation one day with a couple who collected Kinkaids reproductions. The conversation drifted around, whether it was blasphemy to misuse the name of Christ to sell things. The couple left abruptly and apparently mistook my window for a spittoon. By the size of their expectorant they must have been ill in more ways then one. I hope they're feeling better. A number of years ago they did an educational video on my work for public television. At that time I said the money changers have entered the temple of art and it is not for the benefit of art or the people who purchase art. There is no better example of that than Mr K.

You may say your wife was right when she said You are vindictive toward Kinkaid when we were seeing a counselor in trying to save our marriage. I asked her Have they even gotten to you Kathy, That would be easy to do at Alcoholic Anonymous with Mike Mc Curdy as active connected member and sponsor. He would have a good idea of those who were vulnerable and could be for hire out of need.

There are always weak character people and others in financial need they could entice to do their dirty work. I had two things happen last week that activated me to put these song back up on my home page. There was a chance breakdown of one of my newer computers that I used in my down stairs studio for web work and lyric and song writing. I was a bit surprised as it was working great earlier that day. I had some errands to take care of and when I returned and went down to do some more web work the computer was down. At first I was upset to a point of having chest pains as I was intent to put up some more writing in support of Obama election bid. I realized quickly getting upset would not help anything, so I shifted gears into a low stress solving problem gear. I asked my son to down load me another FTP program on the Mac and had to learn how to use that as it was different and I am not that swift on a computer.

I had two news article together at the side of the computer. The inaccurate Herald story was there about the sign of wounds in the gallery window. that I wrote about in What happened to me in Carmel should not happen in America on my home page.

The missing Herald story was the one of the FBI investigating kinkaid for fraud, stock manipulation. According to the story those interviewed by the FBI stated how they were misled by the way the company used religion to build up the confidence of the investors. This was in papers across the country and on TV. I did not give it too much thought as I had to focus on getting my Mac computer programed to do the home page work.

My younger 18 year old son called me that night and asked if I could pick him up at the psychiatrist after his appointment and give him a ride to a shopping area to pick up something. Well it now appears as it was to (accidently) meet and give a ride home from the video store a not exceptionally bright about sharks a Korean Kid name Jae who seem to think Bull head sharks were the only man eating sharks, ( They are small and not dangerous ) Jae said d the great white sharks don't really like the blood of humans, they just think they look like seals. There have been great white shark attacks on other people who were not wrapped up in neoprene. Jae spoke of how he wanted to swim with dolphins someday.

Jon told Jae He swam with Turtle on his last trip to Hawaii to visit his brother Chris. We were joking with Jae about his knowledge of sharks and I told Jae if you are swimming with Turtle and you see one with a Yamaka on you better be wearing a swimsuit or it may be a Rabbi turtle who is apt to circumcise you, which I thought was funny as I could picture a Rabbi turtle.

Jon and Jae led the conversation around to how Macs are so great to look up porn on and inquired if I used my Mac for that. I said no. The conversation seemed out of place as Jon does not have a Mac and doesn't really like the Mac fore mat. I did not mention my regular PC was down. I have always felt it was important to have open communication with Jon on any subject including sex as he could not discuss that with his mom. For some reason this seemed like Jon was being used. I love my son , He has some problems that require medication. Even if he was doing something for the wrong reason I would not get angry with him but I would not think kindly of any one who would prey on the weak to have them do unethical things.

It came across as being similar to a conversation with a new friend, an attractive lady who would visit me in the gallery just before I would close. We went to Clint's Hogs Breath for a late night snack and refreshments. She told she had a great moneymaking idea of creating a video for sale with real young naked girls just playing splashing about in a stream. She asked me Men would really like, wouldn't you George? I told her no I prefer older women. This lady was 55 but looked like forty. I showed a picture of her and my neighbor, surfer John said, She a hotie, George. I did not know the precise meaning of the word so I asked the lady later what is a hotie? She said a hotie is a whore. Once again I disagreed as I really liked this lady as a friend.

It had me wondering if her wandering into my gallery was something other than chance, I warned her if that was the case it is better you not know me as I have seen what one may regard as bad Karma happen to people who have interest in causing problems in my life. This lady did experience some health problems that had her in a hospital for a while with in a week or two. It was a possible effort to denigrate me and it will not be the last, I just hope no problems will arise I wrote about a few in Does God operate in Mysterious ways. I spoke of one major one but here where many others that may have also have come into play and been affected by their behavior and motivations...

I would not be surprised if Some of this goes back to my bringing to the public What Michael Mc Curdy's wife Melinda blurted out at a dinner party, that an attractive lady on the local art scene was a whore as she was having an affair with Thomas Kinkaid. I raised the issue not because of Tom's Kinkaid's indiscretions but but it related to what I was told by a number of people was the suicide of the French Sailor who was the inspiration for my song " Mystery of Monterey Bay.' which will follow this song.

The following song Mystery of Monterey Bay was also inspired by questions and problems that were kinkaid related. I really could care less who Mr Kinkaid was screwing but The thought that some one met foul play or committed suicide as a result of their actions bother me strongly. Especially when I took the word of some one I mistook to be a friend who told me the individual I hired to help me give Mr. Thomas Kinkaid some honest Competition. This Man Mike Mc Curdy told me Paul the french sailor was dead drunk in my gallery and I fired Paul on that basis. In retrospect Mike was a former alcoholic. Mc Curdy was a sponsor in Alcoholic Anonymous and some one who was a member of Alcoholic Anonymous told me Michael betrayed the trust of A A and should not be a member, it is last thing he should have done was to charge another drinker with being dead drunk. Michael accusation led me to fire Paul Emile. I believe Michael was rewarded for that.

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"Mystery of Monterey Bay


The Petition complaining about my window sign dealing with my serious health problems after a Hip Replacement at CHOMP, The Herald inaccurate story and the Painting over of my gallery windows seemed to be woven together some how with the French Sailor who vanished from a yacht 100 mile off the coast of Monterey..

What I will share with you has always left some big question marks??? Even though what follows did happen and is true. I was informed by a number of people that Paul had committed suicide by drowning as no body was found , just a sailboat found drifting off the coast. It happened in a beautiful area like the Monterey area. We have a modern artist, Howard Lamar who after he left Carmel , Not even Google can find Him. At least until I wrote about it on my home page. It was resurrection time. We have a competent French sailor and lover, Paul, who was employed in a Carmel Gallery. (mine before I fired him when Michael Mc curdy told me Paul was dead drunk in my Gallery.)

One of his of the Frenchman's girl friends had a sailboat that He took out to check the compass and the boat was found drifting with out a soul on like the flying Dutchman, abandoned 100 miles off the Monterey Coast. The Frenchman, Paul Emile was gone.

Throw in a professional beautiful model, an illicit affair involving a well know artist, Mr Thomas kinkaid, That was revered by the christian right. noted among other things as spirituality personified. Do a search on line for Painter of Light and wake up! , Fraud. Throw a Millionaire from another country just North of the United States, Canada who made a fortune in the internet world, who came to Carmel and became very active in the Carmel's Art scene into the batch. He was purchasing a fair amount of art from a gallery whose owner Michael Mc curdy who was a former alcoholic and an AA sponsor. What kind of AA sponsor would informed me as he did, the Frenchman was dead drunk in my gallery which led to me laying him off. In fact the millionaire gave Michael a couple of large leather and wood chairs valued at over $1000 each after I fired the Frenchman. I never gave it a thought, and regarded it at his good fortune >until after a revealing dinner party.

Well the Attractive model who ran the millionaire's art involvements ended up across the street from Paul in the gallery of the modern artist that the Millionaire was going to promote. Howard La Mar The Modern Artist was driving around in a new new BMW SUV after hooking up with the Millionaire. THe artist was extremely business and success motivated and was active nationally, promoting his image and work. After Paul was missing at sea, Howard moved from Carmel, out to the boon docks, somewhere in middle America. Now not even Google could find him for a couple of years until I mentioned him in reference to this song. Resurrection time.

Some one set him up with a multiple artist gallery which was not Howard's Lamar's Normal approach of just having he and his children's work in his gallery. I would not be too far off base to say the second of two stories in a Business magazine, named the leader?

If You search for the publication there are over 36 million of them named that so I tried searching for Howard Lamar but his site is down at this time again. Tomorrow it may be up but who gives a dam any way.

I hired the Frenchman Paul Emile to help me run my business in a more pragmatic way to give kinkaid some honest competition.

I returned from one of my painting trips abroad, and was told Paul committed suicide . stories were related to me by a couple of his girl friends, How the boat was found abandoned a hundred miles off the coast of Monterey without the Frenchman Paul on board. Rumors about other possibilities were floating around like driftwood in the ocean after a large storm. one of his old girl friend where he use to rent a room from her mother, that Paul left behind for another lady said She heard that a passing boat picked up Paul as he was running away from something or somebody.

i thought that might be a possibility as when I hired Paul he did not want to use his last name on the income tax form. So he had a shady side. I said if you are going to work for me you will have to use your full name. I once did tell him with a sense of humor and also disbelief, If I didn't know better I would think you were a mole. I was really kidding him how the computer would go down and we would lose the names of clients who wanted to purchase my next work in print. Paul was one of these technical adviser who would go into a company and improve their business organization-were a mole. ask him some What I did not mention until now was a party that made me wonder?

I was at a Holiday dinner party that was an annual get together for the families of four Individuals who played golf together weekly. We can be a bit on the raucous humor side when out on the golf course, but are a bit more genteel when our wives are around.

The conversation was fun but polite until the beautiful model's name came up. The alcoholic's attractive wife who was once a model herself said with disdain," She's a whore!" Another wife asked why she said that. She answered, The model was having an affair with the well known artist who was a favorite of religious Conservatives, spirituality personified for his use of Bible verse in connection with his work,.

Well you can now expect some animated conversation that was done in humor and otherwise. At one of these parties, my christmas gift from the host was a jock strap with the picture of The famous Artist on the front.

It might have even been at that party earlier when we exchanged presents. So when the affair was mentioned, It became lampoon, poon tang time, men will be men and women are into talking about things of that nature. I was not happy to have conversation about Kinkaid on a jock strap with his face on ruin my Christmas, as he had created some problems for me. You may even recognize him. I would prefer to have him on the back of a pair of bvd shorts instead as I once told some one after they tried to have me remove BK from an ad that I had, He can kiss me where the sun doesn't shine, I am tired of turning the other cheek.

I may now have a fuller understanding why the former alcoholic, Mc Curdy would tell me things to stir me up and than say don't do anything. I do not doubt that he was rewarded to try to influence me. The people who paid him off got shafted in the end more than I did by his efforts to milk the cow of his influence as a friend .

What is strange but understandable is that two of the golfers feign not remembering that raucous conversation or the laughter the evening of our holiday Party. when it brought up over our regular drinks after playing golf with two of the golf foursome. One Charley Mc Kinder is a regular out going friendly guy whom I happen to like a bit better was a gardner. I tend to like gardener as I am one myself.

Well Charley said to the other golfer, his brother-in -law, Bruce Shaw who hosted the party mentioned and gave me the Jock strap was a closer friend with Michael Mc Curdy.

"Remember what Mike said, "He has to be careful of remembering what he is saying so he can keep his lies straight." The conversation went on about how they came up with a plan, how they would also play golf with the former alcoholic once a week as they liked him with me 3 times a month and once with the former Alcoholic as I introduced him to our group. My younger son was having some problems and I told them they can play with the former alcoholic 4 times a month as I would rather devote any spare time to my son. (I would rather not spend time with people who are not honest with me.)

In the past They would say when we were out playing why don't you just drop it George, forget it. I was raising question about what happened to the Frenchman. I did not believe the Frenchman committed suicide and that is what the song is about . You don't have to be a sailor to enjoy the song. I could care less about the affairs of Kimkaid. But I will never forget Paul.

There is a possibility that the story that a number of different individuals told me about the Frenchman demise may have been orchestrated with people playing roles, but if that were the case his ladies who told me of him disappearing at sea were very good and believeable. There are two other possibilities, Frenchman met with foul play or was frightened and decided it is better he disappears on his own before He disappears permently with some one's help.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"The New Millennium Pharisee"

This is dedicated to the holier than thou, we all know and love. This song was originally called Fair Ass Fairasseee. It was really a result of seeing hate crimes committed against Gay people especially a young man name Matthew who was beaten and tied to a fence in the winter and left to die.

I have known Four homosexual couples. Three personally and one was a lady friend whom I knew since a child. I did not meet her mate but knew of their relationship. Their relationships with their partners were ended in the case of three of them with the death of one of them after a long caring loving relationships. The remaining couple have been together and will more than likely stay together and all three couples were respected and loved by their friends and relatives alike for being good decent caring people. The idea that if that if they were allowed to be formally married would some how put marriages between Men and Women at risk is with out basis. They are the last ones who would interfere with the love you hold for your mate. They will not seek an affair with them so you could be completely comfortable with them in that respect. No concern about jealousy. In the past week there was a critical story on TV on a web site that was doing so well that they may advertise on the Superbowl. It was a website that promoted affairs and cheating on your spouse. That attitude has far more potential to destroy marriages.

Beyond that on a higher plane, let us look at what happens when you fall in love yourself, You have love and respect for your spouse and would hope your friends and relatives would feel the same. It is common to invite God into your relationship of love to bless it and help it endure. These are good people and I would not at all be surprised if they may be far better than those who look at them as sinners.

The wrath of the Pharisees is with out limit or direction and you may find yourself in the moral scrutiny of their focus as I will more than likely be for stating my feelings about them. Religion should not do things that promote hate, derision or discrimination. God is love. The devil is hate.

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Deep Dark Sin

This song relates to some true and sad experiences that sexual abuse within a family can bring. It happened to some one I love, long before I met her. The early bad experience created more problems as she grew older. She built a wall around the experience blocking it out. She no longer knows the name of the individual who was at fault. There are time when you must face the past honestly with forgiveness of the deep dark sinner and forgive any pain or guilt you put on yourself.. She is the master of her fate now and I hope and pray she will put the past behind and find joy in the future. I think this song can help others who were abused in the past. Childhelp.com are home page help for the abused

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"Traveling with The Lord."

The inspiration that started this song was meeting and hearing Stephen Lauren Bigger singing His original Spirituals in the church hall of the Carmel Mission in Carmel after services. We swapped CDS. I appreciated his superb ability to play , sing, write and skillfully arrange the wonderful Contemporary Christian songs that he writes. He was traveling around the Country, Living Singing and recording in his motor home. I met his dog who was one of Stephen’s best Friend, who was his traveling companion. I started writing a song for the two of them called, A man's Best Friend.

It evolved into, Traveling With the Lord” That is something that all good Christians should do. The lyrics reflect what I feel is a common purpose we both hold true to in the creative work we do and the life we try to lead, Traveling with the Lord. You can find Stephen's Music at http://cdbaby.com/cd/stephenbigger

My Next Songs Reflect The Direction That My Life is Heading. My Life and Expression Revolves Around Music and Art.

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"Little Bird"

A Random Act of Kindness. The bird coming to sing me a song and the song I wrote for her in return.

I was typing an E-mail to a friend and along the periphery of my vision I saw a darting object fly past. I thought perhaps it was a bird. Than I heard a chirping and could not be sure whether it was inside or out as I had the two French Doors to the down stair area of my studio open. I continued with my e-mail and chirped along in case there was a bird inside.

It was than I saw the tops of little wings fluttering on the tiled ledge just below the large picture window. I went upstairs to see who my visitor was. He was a small dark charcoal tufted bird with a white breast. He flew from the ledge and alighted on a xylophone type instrument that I picked up in Bali on our trip around the world. This was located on the top of our Hammond Organ . It was almost like he was playing something for me as he skipped over the metal plates. Than he flew over to the Brass railing where he sat for a while I sang a song I made up for him or her while I played my classical guitar softly. He actually chirped along. It is not uncommon to have birds sing outside of my gallery on occasion when I am playing and singing inside. When I put my Guitar down he started flying around the studio and I was concerned he may injure himself. He stopped on another ledge and I tossed threw some cereal crumbs in case he was hungry.

I sensed his desire to take leave but was unable to perceive the two French door on the upper level was open for him. He flew to the upper North light windows and than back to the large picture window with the cross on. He flew up and started beating his wings against the window in an effort to escape. He went back down to the ledge just below it and rested. I played my guitar and sang softly to try to calm him down and sang the song “Little Bird” that I created for him. He flew to another ledge that was within my reach. I walked up slowly while singing lowly. He allowed me to cup him in the palms of my hands. He rested there and did not struggle or flutter his wings. I sang softly to him as I walked to the outside deck. I opened my hands so he could fly away. He looked up at me sang a chirp or two and in the next instant he was flying home to his nest.

Peace and understanding Songs

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"Man in Black"

This was part of a triad of songs that part of a New Years Resolution to use my creativity for Peace in the world. They were written along with "Here and Now". Curse of Cain, as Man in Black as a singing prayer while working on a prayer Painting " Man in Black", a Painting of Jesus Christ called Prince of Peace. I gave to a Priest from Africa for St Patricks Church in Africa. These creative efforts were offered up as a prayer, praying for Peace in the Mid- East and the world. They along with "Children of Abraham" are rededicated all Peace efforts in the Mid-East and the world. What started as a New Years Resolution before the Iraq war has evolved into dedicating the rest of my life to be an active creative voice for peace, Understanding and Justice in the world. May the Common Goals of Understanding , Peace and Justice be assured through Mutual Respect , Unity and Strength, Blessed by the One God we all worship and Honor though we may know Him by different Names, He is one and the same.

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"Children of Abraham"

is a song about prayers for peace in the world, with the emphasis on The offspring of Abraham. This song is dedicated to the Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. I sent him a cd along with My Message to Humanity to share with those interested in peace in the Mid-East who have representatives to the United Nation." I also included a bank check for $1100 for the UN children's AIDs fund to fulfill an old obligation I assummed to do something in support of those with AIDS. There was an excellent National Geographic Story in the December issue, 'Abraham Father of three faiths'. It is my intent and resolution for the New Year, 2002, to continue to be a creative voice for peace and justice in the world. One of the great strengths of America is how we are the positive sum total of ethnic and religious groups who settled in America from throughout the world. When I first started this song I was discouraged by the state of world affairs. The longer I worked on it as a prayer offering, the more hope I felt about peace being attainable in the Mid-East and the world. It is not just a matter of giving Peace a chance but never giving into the despair of war. Jan. 24, Peace day is a day we can be in spirit with the spirit of the prayers being offered up at Assisi for Peace by the Pope and other Religious Leaders, all Children of Abraham who pray together to One God for peace in our hearts and the world... In the spirituality section there is a story of my experiences at Assisi and the peace song 3 white doves that I started there describing the experience.

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"Curse of Cain"

. Go to the Bible, Genesis, chapter 4, verse 15 Cain and Abel and give me your opinion of what Yahweh, God had in mind when he put the mark of Cain on Cain. Click here to email me. God said Cain would be protected as any one who dared harmed him would have sevenfold more suffering as a result. It almost appears as if that is happening in today's world. There seem to be a continuation of too many Cains killing Ables. I wonder if the circle of hate moves faster because it is going down hill to hell. Perhaps the circle of love is on a horizontal plane and rays out from a center location and doesn't move that fast in comparison. Or if we are pushing the circle of love uphill, It takes more honest effort and sacrifice. The story about Cain and Abel is in the Bible and Koran. In the song I have a line "The death angel you wish on others will visit you instead."

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God Save the Children"

God Reach down to the innocents with your loving arms
Shelter them within the wings of angels, keep them safe from harm
O Lord please save the children, Spare them the heartbreak of war
Spare them the sorrow, that will be theirs tomorrow
Borne on eagle wings of war. God save the children.

Through out history, Men driven by deceit and greed, war and the vain misuse of power succeed in having children pay the cost of war with their lives, loss of love ones and their tears. It is not just the children of Iraq that feel the pain and loss It will be the children of our service men and women who will share the terrible cost and loss from a war that need not be!. The pain never really goes away and no amount of Patriotic fervor and welcoming home our heroes who returned home safely will cushion the reality of their loss and pain. In among the Iraq war news they had a video clip of children in Palestine throwing stones at a tank threatening the neighborhood they lived. These children relative to the tank are the fragile children of stone in the song.

The time has come to use these stones not as weapons but stones to build a peace memorial to the children and young people on both sides who paid the price for violence and hate. It is a time to build a new Free State of Palestine THat President Bush is working on. where people can realize the joys of life found in more peaceful Cities and Countries in the world and live in peace with Israel. The same holds true in Israel. It is time for fresh new voices to be heard on both sides. It is a time to reject the circle of violence and spokes of hate. May we all enter into the Endless Circle of God's Love and Peace. Though we Know him by different names, He is one and the same.

60 years after my dad was missing in action in the North Atlantic I came across his final letter home to mother and my sisters and I. I also found out his loss was verified to be Dec.13th. not Dec. 7 as the first telegram said approximately Dec. 7th. The pain of his loss was coupled with the death of my 99 year old mother on Dec. 13th, exactly 60 years later. The pain and emotional impact felt was excruciating. The individuals on both sides of this conflict who will lose family members in this war will know that pain.

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"Family of Man,"

We're just a family and we are all in His great hands. One of my folk songs that I have taught many people including Irish Missionary Nuns who work throughout the world. I would not be surprised to be in Africa and hear it being sung there.

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"About Face" if I had my druthers, this song could be used in peaceful demonstrations in any part of the world including America by individuals or groups who wanted to make a statement for peace in a different manner. When an Individual leader or his compatriots who are pressing for war were present they would call "About Face," call about face for war . Than they as a group would smartly turn their back on him her or them. About Face, is a military command to reverse direction of an individual standing at attention.

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"Man in the moon,

July 2002, A lighter peace song." While painting until the early morning, I was moved by a brilliant moon that was visible in my large picture window in my studio. The face on the man in the moon was more evident and it seemed to be smiling. It was the inspiration for "Man in the moon". It jump started my continuation of my resolution of being a creative voice for peace. I took a break from my peace songs as I really felt the world's pain, heightened by my focus, awareness and sensitivity to the havoc and loss of lives that war has brought in 2002.

I have to travel vicariously, the last couple of years I have been very close to home caring for my 99 year old mom. I don't think I have been more than 20 mile away from home. That is such a far cry from my regular jet plane trips through out the world painting. I have more time to develop my music potential and to continue my exploratory painting disciplines. I recently finished "Cruising the USA" and am also working on a neat motorcycle song.

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"Okie Dokie."

This song was inspired by Oklahoma's Gary Moon and the Three Darts. They were 3 lovely ladies including Gary's wife. Gary had written a cool song about two Hearts and three Dart and I may have called the ladies, 3 darts in light hearted manner. They were visiting from Tulsa, Oklahoma and we shared an enjoyable evening together in my Gallery passing the guitar back and forth sharing, playing and singing our original compositions. Gary is a superb guitar player, singer and song writer. Gary is better than good! He sent me a great CD of his original songs and as I was saving them on my computer I titled the album Okie Dokie. The song recounted our pleasurable eveing and the possibility of Sharing more. Okie Dokie is another of my hang loose and enjoy life songs.

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"Cabin in the Woods."

You Can Be An Angel

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"Angel Instrumental,first step"

You can be an Angel, Bossa beat"

" You can be an Angel" Beguine

"You can be an Angel, Walz"

Dorothy's Place Needs an Angel!

You can be that Angel.

I have been working on this song for over a month with a number of different versions as prayer offerings for some of the needs of others. It started as a prayer to find a way to find away to move an angel who doesn't even know yet they can be an Angel

THese homeless women who share the terror of living on the streets, need a one of a kind,compassionate wealthy person, who could fund a permanent home for ladies without a home, for Dorothy's Place.

If I had the opportunity to ask some one to do that personally I would ask John Edwards and His Wife be the Left and Right wing of one Christmas Angel Their love overcame problems and temporary weakness To renew with new strength, Love and understanding. They would be the perfect special symbolic Angel to kick off this idea. Share the idea with them. It would be like a fresh start example of the good that comes out of Love, Forgiveness and Caring. It would be a sacrifice and a wonderful symbol of loving and caring for each other and women in need, The needs of last spring when I first tried to do something for the Homeless Women has increased with fore closures and job losses. It could even be part of a economic Job stimulus in Cal. Projects of this nature are ready and waiting to be started.

The same Concept could be used across America where wealthy individuals in the private sector give new life to our faltering economy. It could usher in a new era of Caring in America. They can fund service organizations that are in involved in the constructions of homes for those in need. You have Habitats for Humanity. Brad Pitt's Green safer home in New Orleans. All these homes should be green homes to spur more need and more jobs and at the same time help with Global warming.

My concept Behind the idea of you can be an angel is that no matter how bad things are there are always people with money. It was an appeal to those people as many of them are wonderful caring people not all of them are waiting like vultures circling in hard times skies, waiting to pounce down on those financially injured even before they die. It would be advisable to have unique Tax Breaks designed to support this. It is far more important to fund some of the economic recovery through the private sector encouraging wealthy American's Generosity Than putting it on tab for future generations.

There are thousands of positive ways this idea could be put to use. Do evaluate it and share it with others who can make it happen. I spend a lot of my creative time on ideas like this, just like my songs are in need of good arrangements and real singer to bring them to full potential,these are seeds Ideas that need the input of individual in construction and management.

This organization is a living example of a group of wonderful caring people who make the prayer of St. Francis a living reality by their work. They have served more than 1.7 million meals in 25 years. With in the group there is a program called Women Life That addresses the needs of homeless women from food to safe night lodging, to helping them in many other way which you can find more information on their home-page. http://dorothysplace.org.

This organization is a living example of a group of wonderful caring people who make the prayer of St. Francis a living reality by their work. They have served more than 1.7 million meals in 25 years. With in the group there is a program called Women Life That addresses the needs of homeless women from food to safe night lodging, to helping them in many other way which you can find more information on their homepage. http://dorothysplace.org. The Carmel Mission sponsored a funds raising lunch for them. .

I read a group called Franciscan workers of Junipero Serra and friends Carmel Mission were promoting this idea I also liked the Interdenominational cooperation involved as an example of how good people from all Religions can work together for Americans in need, especially vulnerable women.

I approached the Pastor, the Rev. John C. Griffin and offered to have a sale of my art work at my Studio of Art and Music in Pebble Beach for the purpose of raising money for the homeless ladies and use the event as a way to focus attention on the needs of the ladies. .

My ideas on how to best help the homeless ladies evolved into another approach after being inspired to write my song, "You can be an angel songs..

I believe if church choirs or singing groups could learn the song and perform it in churches in the area using the quality and purity of their singing to touch the one heart that could build their home. The song would be an introduction to a competent speaker who could succintly speak of the women needs and the truth, that in our current economic clime The homeless women are in dire need of one person who will become both an Angel and a hero to them.

If only all the people who had a St. Francis statue in their garden were moved by his prayer or even were aware of it and were inspired to help others, they would become happy people and the world would be a better place. Studies have proved it feels good to do good. It is far better to do things out of love than guilt. It is the difference between altruism and alltruism. The L that is added is love and it makes a new word and can make a new better world. The extra L is my idea and an approach to life I encourage others to try. Alltruism in my personal philosophy.

The women with out homes in Monterey County need A special Angel who has the funds and the compassionate heart to fulfill the needs of these homeless ladies. It could be a family Memorial gift and I believe that Dorothy Place would agree that the residence could bear the name of the family or love one, pehaps the name of thr donor Mother. Gifts of this nature are Legacies of Life Gifts. How often does the opportunity presents it self where people who have been successful in life have an opportunity to give a gift that will live on in the future helping young and old women find a safe haven of security and new hope and directions in life. They have programs at Dorothy's place designed to help the women become more independent as they cultivate their talents and work skills. .

The Very Rev. John wrote me just before he left in April for a sojourn in Europe, informing me he would get together with me on that effort when he returned early in May. After Pastor has been back ten days, I talked to my friend, Rev. Deacon Nick Pascuilli who liked the idea, to set up an appointment with him and the Pastor, the Very Rev. John C Griffin to visit my Studio of Art and Music in Pebble Beach to initiate the process. I knew the was busy after being away so long and wanted him to catch up with other responsibilities first before this involvement. June 1, I spoke to Rev John outside the church. Rev. Deacon Nick Passculli was on the other side of the entrance shaking hands, So I went over and said Father John suggested we make an appointment by his side Rev. Nick said he was going to Rome with the Bishop and would not be back until June 27. I informed him I may have to try an other approach. You would think the Bishop who serves the whole of Monterey County could help this get done. All I can do is try to help Dorothy’s place..

It is a my intent to hopefully have other churches who have people sing and not necessarily, Choir Members learn and share this song to try to move others in a positive way to reach out and help others. ”We can all be Angels” . I could hear a group of kids in grammar school doing it and touching more people deeply than the most sophistically perfect church choir. It would be nice if our choir could raise their voices beautifully and reach the angel we are looking for but I know the Mission Choir are busy preparing for the 11 o'clock high Mass and other recitals. I have arranged a variety of versions of the song including a Latino rhythms that I enjoy. It does not hurt to plant seeds in minds that you can be an angel and with God's Help perhaps we'll find an angel who will answer Dorothy's Place's prayer. There is always the problems dealing with priorities. There are restorations expenditures and funding the Diocesan Choirs and other church functions. .


I happen to believe in the power of prayers, miracles and Angels. I believe that there is a generous Angel out there who would feel good by could having a new Dorothy's Place built for these homeless ladies. There is difference between the Improbable and the Impossible. I believe that some one is going to help these homeless Ladies and become an Angel to them as Danzel Washington was to our injured troops and families staying at the fisher Houses. Denzel Washington is a wonderful example of a man moved by the spirit of love and compassion for our Injured Troops. He wrote out a check to build a new Fisher House Residence when He heard of their need of one while visiting injured troops. It one thing to send cookies, candy and other support item to troops over in the war zone, but it is even more vital that we insure that they have the very best care and support when they return home injured, maimed or disabled with post traumatic stress. .

Homeless Ladies have a different kind of stress when out in the cold on dangerous streets. Salinas can be dangerous. By June 1st They have already match the quota of violent Death of all last year. That is the wrong kind of Banner Year. I believe there is an Angel out there who could build them that home. They might hear this song and Say, "I can be an Angel too! Join me in my prayers that someone will be motivated by God to be that Angel. who will be the homeless ladies special Angel. .

It could probably help the idea if a group of Children or some one with a good voice or a choir sing the song "We can all be Angels” better than the writer, a 72 year old man with a frog in throat can. My voice comes and goes like the sun. Sometimes it's shining and other times, the fog and the frog has set in and I can hardly speak not only could not sing. I have seen times when I would have to recite the lyrics of my Ever Green tree song for people in love while playing guitar in the gallery. Some times it might be my favorte Sparrow song just to share the message. Other Churches are more than welcomed to use the song for their own help of angels. .

My spirituals songs are pure with a sense of higher God inspired purpose. They are based on the Golden rule of love and kindness .

I was a man on a mission with these songs. That was reaching out to others with God’s love, hope and forgiveness. I have given thousands of my spirituals Cds away free and have not taken money for the spirituals. I would have please share do duplicate printed on them and sign them to the Pastors of their Church of all denominations. I even gave some Lourdes water and spiritual Cds to an ill Muslim Man who came back and told me he was considering becoming a Christian .

I was chagrined by the commercialization of religion to sell things that did not relate to religion. Put a fish on it and some Christian will buy it. The only time Christ responded with violence was when He whipped the money changers and kicked them out of the Temple. On one of trips to Lourdes France I felt like I had to walk past a gauntlet of plastic Madonnas and Rosary. Beads before I could enter the spiritual area. I brought a Madonna home for Mom and rosary beads for others. I guess the street fair feeling and competitive nature of those selling them as if they were selling mere commercial trinklets not sacramentals. Christ and His Blessings are not meant to be sold in the market place or on TV. It is not difficult to discern the difference between those who are God inspired Preachers who are concerned with your spiritual well being and those who are the money changers. I use to like the Rosary rings that had a cross and a decade in a circle. May I suggest you try your finger tips for each Hail Mary in a decade. If you lose count say an extra decade or two God won't mind. There is a spiritual senuality in the touching of your fingertips with your thumbs and in your hands become a live extension of the prayer process of meditation. You have a decade of the rosary in your hands at all times. May Mary the Mother of Jesus lead you closer to the Truth and light of her Beloved Son. .


. . I am a good Christian in the broadest sense of it meaning. I love Jesus with a passion to serve him and others in his name. I try to influence non believers by example of how it can be joyful and fulfilling. and sharing people by example. I have respect for all Religions. That respect does not interfere with my personal relationship with Jesus. Father’s day is coming up and reflectively I am quite into God the Father and have a strong belief that He in his infinite wisdom will welcome all good people into Heaven who pay Him homage in their form of worship and others who are just plain and out good people and live by the golden rule. There are Catholic Theologians who also profess that and it has been accepted by the church though not by all parishes and priest. I became out spoken about the war in Iraq because of Pope John's entreaties for peace. When I mentioned in the present, that Pope Benedict was critical about the Iraq war and in favor of finding a peaceful approach to mid-east conflicts to an old conservative retired school teacher friend . His response was one of surprise with a light touch of dismay and questioning that could ever be the Pope's policy. I like this man and regard him as an old friend with a differnt view point. I am still waiting for him to go out painting with me or come over to my home for a few painting lessons as his lovely wife bought him an outdoor painting box. I think some one made my home off limits to Republican Catholics. I may inflict them with the illness of thinking for themselves and they might even see Obama as an improvement over Bush. .

I was disappointed when Father John refused my request to share my spirituals I wrote in the church library. They were written and inspired by my pilgrimages to Assisi and Lourdes, out of my love of God, Jesus Mary and the Saints. Some I write them as a free flowing moment of prayer filled with the Spirit. I set up my equipment parameters as far as instruments and rythmns and meditate, play and sing. It is one of my favorite ways of praying. Some were written, played and recorded just once. There are others that I will return to explore in different musical styles as a form of meditation. I know very little about music other than what I learned in St. Patrick’s grammar school . I left school at 15 and have successful as an artist. I do not read music, I just play it and sing it when the spirit moves me and that is quite often. It is one of my missions in life to share my spirituals to help others grow in kindness through their love of God. .

There is a great numerical growth among younger people in the area of Evangelical and Protestant Churches that is aided by Christian Singers and song smiths. These churches are having young people gravitate to them. Their songs fills the airways and I Pods with the message of God’s love and redemption through Jesus. They bring a positive message that reaches young and old alike. They are filled with the Spirit. God has blessed them and their numbers grow. May that continue for it is positive spiritual energy competing with other rap and gangster songs negative and denigrating that promote violence disrespect for women and life.. Salinas is a microcosmic example of problems that exist in America. Salinas can be dangerous. By June 1st They have already match the quota of violent Death of all last year and we are not half way through the year yet. .

Some one might say why don't you do more than make suggestions. I would like to do more than I am but have been disabled by lack of proper post operative care when I had my hip replaced at Chomp. The resulting leg endangering heel wound still causes pain especially when driving. My Hip has regressed as far as flexibility is concerned Those of you who had that done may recall the problems you encountered dressing or putting socks on. I still have problems in that area and with standing or sitting for longer periods of time.. The residual effect MSRA Staph infection I acquired at Chomp while having Heel wound attended to in June of last year at Chomp led to the closing of my gallery because of ill health .


In past years I did volunteer art instruction at the Junipero School and art work for Senior plays my kids were in at the Mission. In addition to doing paintings for priests and a Mother Superior who were leaving. I have done fund raising commissions for their Right to Life Dinner and art work to raise fund for other Mission and school needs.. B>.

My feeling is the Catholic Church is having difficulties but is still vibrant, alive and well! It’s strength is in the in the spiritual body of parishioners who attend church out of their inner love of God and Faith. Priest who give moving inspiring sermons with the feeling of God's love, purity and humility that touch the heart and soul with God's love and truth should be encouraaged when they give a good one. Let them know you appreciated it..

I will communicate with Catholics who have not been to Church for years . They will tell me that when they do go The experience is not spiritually positive for them. I would suggest That they not give up but and try another Catholic Church. I found St Angelas a far more up lifting spiritual experience than at the Carmel Mission . Every one there was a part of the beautiful caring family of God. St Francis Of Assisi In Seaside had a wonderful sense of spirituality that I found in Assisi. There was a feeling of God's presence there. In all the churches It was the love of God that was present in the people who attended Mass that you could feel around. On occasion, visit another Catholic Church in your area. It can be refreshing.

Caring Walls.

This year we have already seen a large number of American Homes lost to Fires, Floods and Tornadoes. We have the big river, the old Missippi flowing with a vengence Southward. We should pray that an early hurricane does not add to the problem. Parts of America's heartland our bread basket is under water. Other parts of America are tinder dry and have seen forest fires attacking more early than usual. We are not half way through the year yet. I wish some Angel one who knows the owners of a Casino like Billagio in Las Vegas or some major Hotel destination Like the Lodge at Pebble Beach or Spanish Bay could convince the owners to become Angels by having a Caring Wall as a way to stimulate sharing and helping fellow Americans rebuild their hope and dreams. It's a simple viable idea of Having a wall in the casino or major destinations hotel set aside for helping Americans in need whose home were lost in disasters, Natural or otherwise. There are many walls to build. and hopefully Caring Walls will help build these walls.

There would be an American Flag With a logo beneath.

"The last two words in American is I can.


I can share my good fortune and will Help my fellow Americans in need."

There could be art work on the wall, There could be other more fabulous awards, Cars , Trips , $10,000 dollars of gambling chips, to bid on or meet the cost of. The potential of the gift list is as broad as Americas generosity. There would be a list of problems areas where your contributions could go and it should include the needs of permanently disabled Veterans. There would also be a list of different support systems in place from The Red Cross to Salvation Army to any number of Civic and Religious support systems. This information could be on a Computer Screen. If Americans in need are fortunate the idea could catch on and spread nationally and those moved by the spirit of compassion who could afford to may very well do so.! There is more information on Caring Wall in gallery directory section. The residence for homeless ladies was consistent with my Caring walls idea. It is interesting to see the progression of thought involved in this. First I was prompted by a desire to do something for New Orleans and fullfill an old pledge by seeing a Church service being held in a church with out walls. The only thing left of the church was the concrete floor. I was in a real bad state of health last year with a MRSA Staph infection from carelessness at CHOMP, a local hospital. I donated the largest Painting inmy gallery and in the process to help Catholic Charities raise a decent amount of money, I developed the "Caring Wall" concept That could be used Nationally to build the walls of Homes and Churches destroyed by disasters. I spend a quite a bit of time developing ideas to help those in need and approaches to that. I see them happening at times and it feels good to see some of your seeds of caring you plant come into bloom.

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"Climbing The stair way to Heaven"

which I wrote while Bedridden on a roll up piano while my feet were elevated.

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"All About Jesus" this was my response to the city ordering the gardens removal. It focuses on the need of having Christians live their lives with more priority given to the words the teachings and the life and death of Christ in the New Testament.

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"Advice from Christ’s Mother, Welcome Jesus in to your heart."

(latin version)

"Advice from Christ’s Mother, Welcome Jesus in to your heart."

(gospel version)

The months of January and February found me working hard organizing my home and studio, getting ready to dive into work that my hopeful improvement in health will allow. If not, it still is nice to be in an orderly environment. While doing this I would be multitasking, singing along with this song and making changes in it at the end of my day. Artist have a way of striving in their own organized Chaos. But 10 years of having my own interest and derailed by other responsibilities and subsequent health problems gave a new meaning to the word Chaos. It was more of a squeeze it in approach. Dive into a little painting or composing when brief intervals of free time allowed it. I developed a successful pattern earlier in my life where I would freshen up my painting studio or area of work restock my paint and canvases and dive in with abandon. I was free to work around the clock and then some without fatigue. Taking care of my mother until she passed away at 99 was difficult in ways known only to around the clock caregivers. It was rewarding in many other ways and it could not compare to all that she did for her children especially as a young widow . We were just 8, 6 and four years of age when my father, a Sea Captain was MIA in world war 2.

My mother instilled in me a deep love for Christ and his Mother. Some of her thoughts have become concepts for my songs. There were few Mother who experienced as Much pain as Mary watching her Son die on the Cross. She was the first disciple of Christ when she agreed to be His Mother. Christians of all denomination are disciples of Christ, yet there are some who dis ( as in being disrespectful) Mary. I don’t think that Jesus is happy with Christians who do that any more than we would be if some one was disrespectful to our mothers. When I would hire people to work in my gallery I would tell them ahead of time if you want to get along with me you better get along with Mom. So I had two Moms inspiration for this song. In the process I was inviting Christ into my home and studio to guide me in my creative direction. This song is dedicated to all Mothers and the advice to their offspring. Welcome Jesus In!!!

Advice from a Mother

I am a child of Mary, who smiled down on me
She asked me please, Open up your heart, Welcome Jesus in,
Welcome Jesus in.
Become one of God's many children
Who welcomed Jesus in . Into your heart, into your life, Go with him in peace
Hearts filled with His holy grace, found in loving God
Have no room for stress or hate, only Forgiveness & Love
Welcome Jesus in. Welcome Jesus in.
Into your heart, into your life, he died to save us from sin.
I am a child, of Mary, who smiled down on me.
She asked me please, Open up your heart,
Welcome my Son, Jesus Christ in. Welcome Jesus in, Come Jesus in.
Light will be the Cross you bear, for the love of Him.
Open up your heart, open up your soul, Welcome Jesus Christ In ,
Truth will flow out of you, Flow like a river, To the waiting ocean blue
With His Message of Peace, Message of love, Meant for me, for you
God is light, God is love, Bear Him in mind, and you will find
His Caring Peace and Love, Just welcome Jesus Christ in
Do and you’ll find, God everywhere, in your heart and mine
In every act of kindness, on the wings of every prayer
Welcome him in, He’ll be everywhere
Welcome Jesus in, Welcome Jesus in, Welcome Jesus Christ in
If you do, than you must, Love your fellow man
Than Peace will be found in every heart, beating in every land
Welcome Jesus in, Welcome Jesus in, Welcome Jesus Christ in

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"Maui Memories."

This song was inspired by two wonderful Paintings of Maui I was commissioned to do.

The first painting Hawaiian Honey Moon was one of my Honey Moon Paintings, I did for Stephen and Kelsie Carter. When My son’s friends ( who I regarded as my friends, watching them grow up with my kids) started getting married. I would do free gift paintings of where they went on their honeymoon as when they were just getting started in life could not afford my work. I enjoyed the romantic aspect of doing them so much I started a program of doing Honeymoon Painting for other young couples at half the regular commission prices. I do that for older couples who are still in love and enjoy the initial memories of that special time in their life. They deserve some reward for keeping it all together. I really enjoyed singing my Evergreen tree on Wedding Anniversary of the people visiting my gallery. The record for longevity of Marriage was 75 years and the gentleman with a twinkle in his eyes said, “ George I robbed the cradle as he pointed to his wife glowing with pleasure.” “ Sir you could not have been to long out of the cradle yourself.” I answered.

That is the one thing I miss about my gallery, playing my guitar and singing for Couples in Love, of all ages.

The second Painting was done for their parents as a birthday gift from Susan to Bill Carter. They really enjoyed the quality and work in the first painting I did for their kids. They loved the one I did for them while writing Maui Memories, recalling the first painting for Stephen and Kelsie along with their own special memories of Maui. Maui hold a treasure of special times in my own life. The family’s Oct. trip to Hawaii for our son’s Christopher wedding with Marina added joy behind the scene That influenced the paintings and the song.

Rainbows on that Maui Morn, Meant So Much to me.
The Storms I known for far too long are blowing out to Sea.
(soft echo) Blowing out to sea.
Gold I Found at the Rainbows end was the love I share with you!
Love that grew far stronger, By the ocean Blue. By the ocean Blue.
Maui is our Rainbow Island, A precious Gem in the deep Blue Sea
Maui’s Magic Moments are the ones that I shared with you
Coupled with dreams we shared, along with our heart filled prayers.
Our Dreams will become memories Somewhere in time
as long as I’m with you, ^^HOLD+++ as long as you’re with me ,
Memories of the Hanna Road, with beauty round each Bend.
Misty waterfalls with Rainbow of their own
Exotic Flowers with out end. Exotic Flowers with out end.
Verdant green mist kissed mountains, tower high above the Sea
Flashing Breaking waves caresss the shore.
Pods of Whales breech and play, Dolphin break the sea and soar.
As they did in days of Yore and will forever more.
I remember a little Island Church we passed along the way.
The silent prayer that I prayed, that God answered today.
The Rainbow on that Maui Morn, meant So Much to me.
The Storms I known for far too long Are Blowing out to Sea.
The Gold I Found at the Rainbows end
Was love I share with you!
Love that grew far stronger, By the ocean blue.
Maui is our Rainbow Island, A precious Gem in the deep Blue Sea
Maui’s Magic Moments are the ones that I shared with you
Coupled with dreams we shared, along with our heart filled prayers.
Our Dreams will become memories Somewhere in time
as long as I’m with you, ++HOLD++ as long as you’re with me,
Love’s Sweet Memories, Maui Memories

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"Hello Mr. Sunshine, Good by mr. Rain >

The Rains came heavy and hard!Floods swept away homes and dreams. People prayed and the sun came shinning through

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"Let us raise our voice in prayer" >

This song was worked on as a prayer offering while changing the painting “In Care of an Angel”. As we have lost a great number of soldiers in June, I refocus my efforts working on a song as prayer offering for our soldiers in hopes that our losses will be minimized. I experienced difficulties working on this song. I relate this to the painful distraction of the turmoil in Iraq and loss of American lives in June.

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“In care of an angel.”>

I wrote a beautiful song Care of an Angel while working on this painting. It was the fourth one of a series of angel paintings. The subtle emphasis is on an angel with her protective hands on the shoulders of a soldier keeping him safe while he is in harms way. It was inpired by a soldier , a Major in Iraq, whose wife purchased him one of my seascapes with an angel in. My Mom and I have been into angels for years. It is the North end of Carmel point looking toward Pebble Beach. I am dedicating this song and painting to the families of the world, Moms, Dads and children. It matters not whether the children are in cribs at home, or on the battle lines in some foreign land. There are always times when we need extra special loving care from above. I wrote this while working on a series of angel paintings while also asking for angelic help with some of my own problems and Angels seemed to have answered my call. “May Jon and all my children be in Care of an angel. May all your children be the same .”

A Special Guardian Angel Summoned by a Loved One's Prayer

General Timmy Franks (Ret.)
Salute America's Heroes is a special project of Help Hospitalized Veterans
PO Box 96002 Washington DC 20090-6002

A quote from General Frank " Sadly, George J Bleich, that's not true for many of our veterans who were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of them will be in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. Others have lost limbs or eyes or were seriously burned or suffered other injuries and will never be the same as they were before the war.


A Gift to Provide Spiritual Support for our Soldiers

The Above painting was donated for fund raising for CatholicMil.org This Organization raises funds to supply chaplains in the Mideast rosaries prayer books and religious articles.

www.optruth.org is a soldier's blog to share their true stories and needs.

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"All Mothers are Madonnas">

, A tribute to Mothers and the joy they find in holding their baby, especially the first born in their arms. This lullaby would be a nice song to hum while rocking a baby. It is in dire need of having a mother sing it, not me.

THe cabin in the trees could just as well be a home in praire land, or on a river delta. It could be any where in America where people are faced with losing their homes for financial reasons when the wolves are closing in. I know how it feels. I waas so far behind, I had had to run just to get back ahead of the wolves. Don't let it get you Down. Give support to their love ones and other when you can. It about a concept that I wish I could I spread around the world. It's an attitude toward life. Contemplate it yourself and share it with your love ones. Where there is Kindness,There is love. Where there is love, there is God. Where there is God, There is peace. Go with God , Live in peace. Don't give up your dreams.

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"Little Dreamer"

I once wondered whether one of my many creative friends may have been playing too much and not working hard enough to realize her dreams. It provided the start of this song that eventually included the many young people with dreams. In Conversation with young people passing through my gallery in Carmel I always encourage them to dream and work for those dreams to become a reality. I now have more respect for the lady's hard work ethic. She will realize her dreams.

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"Love, sweet love" I enjoy sharing this one because it encourages you to believe that you can do anything that you can dream when you are blessed with grace. It also suggests a relevant message "send hate to a black hole in the great beyond". Rowland Evans on keyboard. Phil Michaels on bass. And George singing and playing guitar.

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"Three White doves "

,was started while painting in Assisi, Italy in the beautiful hills of Umbria where St. Francis lived in a cave. The story is found in the Directory, Spirituality I once again offered up my creative efforts as a prayer for Catherine, the little 6 year old with Cystic Fibrosis and later as a prayer offering for Diane, another Lourdes water friend, when I took the song to the next step. Sang by, written, arranged, and played by George Bleich on a Yamaha Psr 9000

Some have wondered why when I discuss my mentors and influences that led to my development as an artist I include St. Francis of Assisi in the same breath as Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh. His light is my gentle natural light.

I some time think of my work as holistic impressionism. Being aware through study of the psychological effects of color on human response I make efforts at infusing my paintings with colors charged with positive energy and life. I try to infuse my music with the same positive energy.

Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace.
Where there is hatred let me sow Love.
Where there is injury, Pardon,
Where there is doubt Faith,
Where there is despair, Hope,
Where there is darkness, Light,
And where there is sadness, Joy.

The more I have ventured into the reality of current world situations the more necessary it has been to retreat into the beauty created within my painting and music. It was as if I was being polarized by opposites. There has been a deeper serenity, softer harmonies, gentler colors, rest and respite to nourish a rising passion to free myself and others from the bonds of silence and inaction in addressing violence.

Songs with a Carmel and San Francisco flavor

36 x 48 $16000

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"Sundown dreams" a song for lovers.

This beautiful song combines the reality of dreams come true and wonderful experiences shared on the beach at Carmel. I have sung my beautiful Love song " The Evergreen Tree" at two weddings on the white sands of Carmel Beach. The last wedding had a sundown just like in the painting. What a wonderful background for a wedding.

The poem describes the feeling I had while painting "Carmel Sundown Dreams".

May sunset memories, set once more, at your mind's command,
Only more slowly so you can partake of and extend the beauty of the moment.
Let us drift back and share once again, the beauty of the Pacific Ocean
As it takes the sun to it's rest, to it's sea breast,
The light touch of a caress of the mind
Taking place behind the breaking crest of a rising luminous wave.
A wave rising like the energy of sparkling white wine
In a toast to sundown dreams.

May your dreams rest
Just beneath the surface of your mind
Where you can recall them from time to time
To share with your love one as I do with mine
The merging of dreams with the mingling of time
The excitement of love, the discovery it brings
How it colors the sky with your natural high
In a toast to sundown dreams.

Like grains of sand at the beach close at hand,
Your days will roll on like the waves,
Journeys may take you miles away
But in your heart a memory will stay
Of feelings and love you shared that day
So lift your glass of sparkling wine, raise your glass one more time,
"May your dreams become memories somewhere in time,"

Bleich put the poem to music for your pleasure.

Point Lobos link

22 x 28 Mastertouch $800

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"Point Lobos"

was written for a recently married couple. The husband who purchased a Point Lobos Master touch for his new wife shared how they went on their first date and had their first kiss there. I wrote this love song about Point Lobos. I put the lyrics on the back along with the a seascape painting and burnt them a CD of Love songs I wrote along with the Point Lobos Song. I enjoyed doing it as I have been enthralled with Point Lobos for years. I used to live adjacent to Gibson Beach and had a private entrance to the park. Both Superintendents of Point Lobos collected my work.

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"Stranger in Carmel Town"

Another song inspired by my Mom. She will be 99 May 22nd. I am her caregiver and constant companion for the last three years. Her dementia kicks in once and a while and causes confusion. I was giving her a ride to gallery to spend the day with me there and she said, "I am stranger in town it is all new to me" Which became the first line for the song.

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"Homage to John Denver and Dolphins"

This was written when Denver crashed into ocean at Pacific Grove. The song starts with him flying in his ultra light toward the sundown, writing a song. When He crashes and descends to the ocean depths, He hears the death knell of a dolphin trapped in a net. He meld with the dolphins soul and they both break the bonds of misery and shoot to the surface like an arrow, an eagle for an instant, flying to God's light. In the murmur of the ocean, in the sighing of the seas, You can hear a dolphin's melody. Dolphins are meant to be free.

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"Dudes Day"

Pacific Grove Golf Course Song. This is a fun true story song about 4 friends who play golf every Wednesday. In 9 years we have a dudes window that seems to stop the rain when we get up on the first tee. No matter how hard it is raining we still head out to the course and somehow it stops raining when we get on the first tee.. In the 9 years we have not missed one day due to rain that day. I skipped one day when we could have played as the course was open, when a tree fell on my neighbors house and loosened two others tree that with a minor shift of wind could of hit my own home. There was one day when we could see it pouring rain on the green ahead and on the tee behind while we walked in the sunshine of our dudes window. We play a hang loose kind of golf which is described in the song and have had some interesting experiences.

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"Highway 101"This songs was written at San Francisco Airport in upper parking lot, level 4, on a 3/4 guitar into a baby boom box that had a built in recorder. I wrote of my desire to go to some exotic land. Within 3 weeks of writing this song, two of my sons and I were on a painting trip around the world. All you people who work at Cisco this song is for you.

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Thalia A collector friend, who was moving to New York was going to trade her 27 foot Coronado berthed in San Francisco for a beautiful painting of Temple Lot in Bali that I had started on our trip around the world. I figured that I would be inspired to write some neat songs about sailing around San Francisco Bay. I planned to go up later in the day to sign the legal papers of transfer and spent the early part of the day painting and writing this song about sailing the boat down to Monterey. I called up and said I would sleep on the boat. To my dismay Thalia sold the boat to someone else that afternoon. She may have done me a favor as I would prefer a larger boat anyway for blue water sailing. My own yawl," Pipedream" that I owned for 7 years was 34 ft overall. If I make any money from "Sailing", I will invest it in the pleasure of a larger boat.

Songs of the Sea, Sailing and Traveling

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was written for a school of Dolphin while sailing between Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands. The 36 Catalina I chartered was doing six and a half Knots on a beam reach. I was sitting on the stern pulpit seat, steering the boat with my feet while playing guitar. There is no finer audience for inspiration than a school of Dolphin leading the way through the ocean. That is probably the closest I have come to creative Heaven. I have a longer version where I added more nautical terms. When I played this in the gallery Jimmy Buffet fans would say Jimmy could make a hit out of Windancing. They could really hear him singing it! If you are a friend of his, Tell him about the song if you like it and could hear Jimmy singing it. I once sang this for Don Shula, former coach of the Miami Dolphins in my gallery and gave him my autograph. While signing and inscribing their name on a magazine on my art work, I said "Shula, that name sounds familiar, Oh I remember I had a landlord by that name." That was almost as bad as when I asked an attractive blond "where was she from" She answered "The third rock from the sun". I thought she was crazy so I did not give her a brochure." Phil, Rowland and myself are on this playing and singing.

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"Mt. Gay Rum" A collector friend had chartered a sailboat in the Caribbean. He went into an Island Bar owned by a former rock musician and Jimmy Buffet was sitting at the end of the bar giving an almost free concert. The cost was keeping Jimmy mug filled with Mt. Gay rum he played the whole night long. I drank a fair amount of Mount Gay rum when I sailed professionally through out the Bahamas Island and on scuba diving and fun trips to the Caribbean. so this song flowed out and down like a cool pina colada on a hot balmy day. If I can not get Jimmy Buffet to do this perhaps I can get a life time supply of Mt. Gay Rum, a great Barbados Rum from the company for use of it.

My Son Chris, The Rambling Boy and his Old Lady, Marina

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“Its our time to fly”

This song “ Its our time to fly.” is dedicated to my Rambling Son, Chris and his young old lady Marina, who are in living in Hawaii, enjoying the weather and surf.

To all those people who have enjoyed traveling in the past, May the song whet your appetite for traveling again. We have experienced many aspects of the song in the past and look forward to going around the world again some day and have some new adventures. Perhaps we will go around the world the other way to get that day back we lost. If you love traveling, this upbeat song is for you. I really enjoyed writing and singing “ It Our time to fly”, my latest song.

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"The Lone Ranger, in Cuba"

Reflecting on my early sailor day as a single young man and some of my early Cuban adventures.

They were other adventures in other locales, in Europe, the Bahamas, Bermud, Spain, and America too numerous to put into one song. I have more adventures composed on the subject that I will share with you in the future. They revolve about fun, danger, risk taking, love making and other activities that make life, rewarding, intriguing and challenging.

There were other adventures shared later while in the married state that will also be shared. In Austria, France,Tobago, Bermuda,, than in Bali, Australia, Egypt, Jordan, and Greece with my Kids. My heel wound is healing well so I can look forward to more later in life adventures, More travels and more fun. But it may be a song about the Posse not the Lone Ranger. I really enjoy traveling with some one more than I did by my lonesome self as the Lone Ranger. Though in retrospect I did quite a bit of enjoying life as a single man.

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"Whizzing in the Wind."

This Song was written in same area that Inspired some of Jimmy Buffet's songs, Gulf Shore Alabama. While vacationing there, one of my cool dude nephews asked for help designing a meditation garden in his hot tub area at his home. His request for an outdoor whizzing areas for his workman and his explanation in the South we do it out door led to this song. Out door whizzing is a Southern Tradition that stood the test of time, If you're out of doors and have to go, no need to stand in line.

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"Gentle Breeze"

An instrumental that recalls the gentle warm winds of the Hawaiian Islands. I compose quite a few instrumentals for the sheer pleasure of wind hovering on the melodic wings of creative expression.

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"Island Dreams"

While working on an idyllic Island painting on Oahu I was moved by the peace and beauty of the area at Wiamaeola. The mountains that were just beyond the beach formed an image that was part of an island legend of a young Island Goddess.

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"Surfers Prayer"

/A>, was written for my Son Christopher who lives to surf. He was moving to Hawaii. The song is about advice from his sailor father to his surfing son. It is about catching a maverick wave at Waiamea on Ohau, how to ride it out with the help of God. Let God be with you at sea.

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"Dragon Wings"

A Fun Happy Song about a dragon who teaches people how to fly, and how Doc dragon lifts their spirits and moods in the process. The story and start of the song was created by Christopher while living in Hawaii, embellished by Dad. Jonathan gave the dragon an appropriate name, 'Doc Dragon'. Rowland Evans helped with the editing.

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"La La Land"

A wonderful fantasy sea Shore to enjoy and never grow old or know pain.

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was written in Giza, looking out my hotel room window at the pyramids the day after we rode the camels out on the Sahara to the pyramids. The line in the song 'we're a little beat up by the hands of time' was a result of lacerating my head going into a pyramid, and some minor discomfort from camel riding. Rowland Evans composed the music for the bridge. Sang, written, arranged, and played by George Bleich on a Yamaha Psr 9000

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"Ashes at Sea"

If you love the sea you will appreciate this song. Have any of your family or friends scattered their ashes at or by the sea or if you thought of setting your own spirit free in this way listen to this song. It was written for you. The story how the song came about is in the directory Scatter my ashes at sea, Set my spirit free.


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"Version one Shadow Angel"

This reflects how I sing low almost in a whispering voice when composing on acoustic guitar in a candle lit room

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"Version two Shadow Angel"

I like this song and I wanted to hear more voices singing together. Using the built in vocalizer on my Keyboard I added , Dream Girls and Men Choir for additional variety and fullness, in addition to replacing one of my lead part with a higher range.

The following evening I tried sleeping on the recliner in the living room as I have been experiencing difficulty making my self comfortable in bed as there are positions to avoid after hip surgery and I also had to keep my heel ( Severe Necrosis of the heel, post operative problem) off the bed or from contact with any thing. It did not work I awoke in pain with tightening of muscles on the inside of groin area and on the outside of buttocks where they made incision. I went to bed and had Eric cover me and bring me the vicodin that I did not take for a few days as it is a narcotic and can be habit forming. I also asked to have the nitro pills near as I was having some light chest pains. He lit the votive candle and this time the shadow was more clearly like a Pieta image set in the lower portion of a defined circle of light. It reminded me of what my mom said 3 days before she died that she was surrounded by a circle of love. It also reminded me of an experience in the past That I had while ill with a high fever that was a result of pneumonia. A close friend Francis Boyd came to my rescue and took me to the hospital. While lying in my bed it was like the ceiling was a vault that opened up to a very bright light and I could feel myself being drawn up into the light. I can’t remember much more . I remember Frank coming over in the night and helping me to the hospital.

This was different in a subtle beautiful way. The circle of light that was formed by the votive candle of Christ That my nephew John D gave me was soft gentle light , yet had a sense of infinity that went well beyond the ceiling wall. It was like looking into deep space that was accentuated by sparkles created by the candles flickering light. It reminded me of twinkle of stars against the softly illumined circle of light on the ceiling cast by the candle. I was not conscious of the confines of the wall and ceiling. .It was a distant warm soft light punctuated by tiny notes of purer colors that appeared to be at different distances in space. The shadowy figure that suggested the Pieta figure of Mary and Christ bore hues like the angel the night before, hints of lavender, shades of blue gray. The darker sections of the ceiling that contained the circle of light would be punctuated by a burst of an arcs of brighter lights and color notes cast by the flickering flame of candle. It was subtle and beautiful. I am contemplating a modern painting based on the experience. I was listening to my Spirituals on a portable CD player with earphones that enhanced the experience of spiritual meditation coupled with the physical shadow and light images on the wall.. I was playing My Mother Mary’s Blue CD with a song of the same name and others like; “We all have a Heavenly Mother” ; “All Mothers are Madonna's” and the Hail Mary and other song I wrote for my Mom while care giving her, have been a wonderful source of pain relief and have brought me inner peace. While listening to these I would have a heightened awareness of the pain Mary experienced watching the sufferings of her Son Christ and also an awareness of how our sins brought Christ pain. A river of tears would flow silently from the outward corners of my eyes, streaming down my cheeks. The tears would continue to flow until I drifted off into sleep. The memory of the experience was one of deep love and pain. I was conscious of my own physical pain but it seemed minimized by the emotional depth of what I regard as a spiritual and soul cleansing experience. Artist tend to hone their sensitivity so their emotional intensity lies closer to the surface of their being. It is one of God’s special gifts that drives their feeling, creativity and lives. When I feel pain I am one is more conscious of the greater pain that others go through. When I was told I might lose my 70 year old foot it seem minor compared to young men and women, who lost their arms or legs as so many of our Veterans have in Iraq.

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"Times in Each one’s life"

Tim left a legacy for his family and America

A Song for Luke Russert and others whose Dad left this world early for heaven, but still is present in the spirit of love, Brothers and Sisters hold for their dad. You will miss him in the future, especially when you become Dads and Moms yourselves. The children Luke will have in the future will miss out on the love, wisdom and humor that Tim Russert would have showered down on his grand kids kids as Irish Grandfathers are apt to do. Tim did not live to see all his grand kids but will watch over them from Heaven, an Irish smiling extra Guarden Angel. .

Luke and Mom at Dad's Bon Voyage

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"Dad You are the Bedrock of our love."

The song was originally inspired by the untimely death of my nephew's wife Teah’s Dad at the age of 57. Her father died very unexpectedly at the age of 57. Teah is one of the true beautiful people in the world. I credit her positive caring personality to the love of caring parents and the genes she inherited. I wrote this without being asked because I love them and in the hope it would comfort them...

Dad you are the bedrock of our love is re-dedicated to Tim Russert and the integrity he added to the American News Scene. 2008 has seen the departure since I put this on line of a number of outstanding Fathers,Tony Snow, George Carlin and more recently Bernie Mac. In the same way my Dad was an inspiration for me Tim will be the same for Luke.

This is also dedicated to all Fathers especially those whose fathers died here or in some distant part of the world seperated in the passing while away from their family. My own father was missing in Action in the North Atlantic 60 years ago and I still feel the deep blue pain 60 years later. If your father is still alive give him a call, tell him you love him .It will be far better than a rose placed on his coffin later...

Alexandra and Mary of the Sea.

I am dedicating this song to my new God Daughter, Alexandra Dioguardi. The song is about God’s love for us and our love for Him. I wondered how a 70 year old man could be a responsible God Parent in the future. I will be there through my art , writings and songs for Alexandra and my kids and their kids when they get around to having them . No Rush!

Alexandra was born the same day that Christ’s Mother, Mary was born. I gave her the painting that you see her pictured with “Mary of the Sea.” I had put the painting aside for some lady who was going to sing one of my favorite Mary Songs,” Mother Mary’s Blue” some day. ( As I always felt this beautiful song was meant to be sung properly by a lady with a beautiful voice who loved Mary. ) I inscribed the back of the painting, “ Please sing Mother Mary’s Blue for me Alexandra, No matter where I am , no matter how long I have been gone I will hear You sing Mother Mary’s Blue, Love Your God Father, George J. Bleich The song just above this, Dad you are the bedrock of our love was inspired by Alexa's Grand dad on Tea's side of the family. I sent my spiritual CDs along with the painting.

I find it indicative of my creative direction that my first three songs of 2006 are of a spiritual nature. This was started before Shadow Angel and after “Let Thy Will be my will.” I have more lyrics to this that will become another song Seed of Faith that is in progress

Lyrics Times in Each one’s life
There are times in each one’s life
That you will feel His Holy Grace,
You yearn to be with him, to see His Holy face
But it is not your time to go, there are seeds of faith to sow.
It is time for you to share, what you’ve been blest to know.
The love of God the Father
The Holy Spirit too
The love of Jesus Christ
His Blessed Mother Too
Your belief in Angels
That they do exist
Especially the one who is by your side
No Matter what you do
The great loving examples of so many Saints
Who obeyed God’s Commands, with Jesus in their hearts.
They want you to follow too. To follow and do your part.
Loving God is the first step. Acts of love is just the start.
Follow the foot steps of the Lord and He will walk with you.

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"Shadow Angel"

A winter storm knocked our power out in Pebble Beach from Monday through Wed. It was cold, dark and rainy with raging winds outside. Candle light was our illumination. The Votive candle of Christ that my nephew, John D Jr. gave me was the only light in my room. I was intrigued by the image cast by the flickering flames on my bedroom wall. It is common for me when the power is out to play my acoustic guitar by candle light. I wrote this song inspired by the shadows.

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"Version one Shadow Angel"

This reflects how I sing low almost in a whispering voice when composing on acoustic guitar in a candle lit room

Candle light is casting dancing shadows on the wall
I think I see an angel more than 8 ft. tall
Her head is bending down, I know she's feeling blue,
Even angels need a friend a sinner man won't do,
No, a sinner man won't do
Shadow angel, dancing on my bedroom wall
Shadow angel almost 8 feet tall
The night is long when you're in pain, when you're all alone
Alone with a shadow angel, cast by a candle's flame.
Shadow angel almost 8 feet tall
Shadow angel, dancing on my bedroom wall
Try as you may, sleep won't come, when pain gets in the way.
Your only friend is a shadow angel
Who will leave with the light of day.
Shadow angel almost 8 feet tall
Shadow angel, dancing on my bedroom wall
dancing on my bedroom wall
The candle light is casting dancing shadows on the wall
I think I see an angel more than 8 ft. tall
Her head is bending down, I know she's feeling blue,
Even angels need a friend a sinner man won't do,
No, a sinner man won't do

Little Flower Prayer and song, St. Theresa


"Wild Flower are tended to by the hand of God and we in our own way are flower children tended by that same hand" I have forwarded and received St. Theresa Prayer sent a number of time and have received it a number of time. It never loses it freshness or uplifting significance. Love to all of you and may God Bless you with the the gifts of Faith , Hope and Charity, George J. Bleich

Saturday the 28 of June 08, I started my day trimming the roses around St. Francis and his little angel friend. I was intrigued by all the rose petals on the ground and it brought to mind how Rose petal were strewn during processions at St. Patrick’s school that I attended in Glen Cove, L.I., N.Y.

My thoughts rambled to St. Theresa and my rose poem. Perhaps it was setting the stage for me to rewrite the first version of The Saint Theresa Prayer song when I once again received the prayer of St. Theresa via E-mail. I set out to find the lyrics and could not find them but I did find 4 versions of recordings of the song that I liked better than the one I put on my home page in 2004. I than combined the four sets of lyrics with the e-mail prayer. I worked recording it until 3 AM Sunday Morning. The Lyrics will follow the Prayer.

This was the E-mail that Had the beautiful Photograph of the Mountain wild flowers above.

Hi - I am picking 15 people who have touched my life and who I think would want to receive this. Please send it back to me (You'll see why). In case you are not aware, Saint Theresa is known as the Saint of the Little Ways, meaning she believed in doing the little things in life well and with great love. She is represented by roses. May everyone who receives this message be blessed. Theresa's Prayer cannot be deleted. REMEMBER to make a wish before you read the prayer . That's all you have to do. There is nothing attached. Just share this with people and see what happens on the fourth day. Sorry you have to forward the message, but try not to break this, please. Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive. Read the prayer below.

Saint Theresa's Prayer

May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.

I will put the lyric up later when I return from the 5:30 Mass at St. Angelas in Pacific Grove. May I suggest for a different enjoyable spiritual experience You go to the 5:30 evening Mass. There is wonderful warm communuty feeling of God's family there. THis Catholic Church has a wonderful record of reaching out to those in need. The Carmel Mission have more wealthy members but it appears to me that they do not have the same spirit of involvement, serving God and man. It is pretty much the same in the secular world, Those who have thew least give the most of themselves. The sermons are wonderful and soul touching. I enjoyed their worship singing and the use of various instruments at the services I attended. I was really impressed by the unbroken chain of Chain of unity where parishoners did not just go left and right but the free hand would join the handsof those in front or back while saying the Lords prayer. They are truly God's family at St. Angelas. There is skylight high above the altar and light flows everywhere. The wall are white and bright. jGJB

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I decided to put together some of the different versions of the song that is on my meditation cd. along with a chant that is not up until now I have other songs on the cd which are on my home page. You can be an angel songs , Hello Mr Sunshine where I draw a comparison of the sun with the Son of God coming after the rain and floods,THe Navy Goes sailing on. Wave Maker and America can be found on line along with the World beyond your door'.

St Theresa's prayer Song "welcome Jesus in"I originally wrote the song with Mediterranean flavor. .

St Theresa's prayer Song "Little Flower"another in a Mediterranean style. .

A repetitive chant "welcome Jesus Christ in" I have this in between my Little Flower songs and it really mellows me out on a spiritual high. .

St Theresa's prayer Song "welcome Jesus in" There are some different chord progressions in this slighly slower version. .

"Little Flower's Welcome Jesus in Song" This is my July 16 th arrangement, one of many, It has been Joyful to work on and listen to and meditate on while doing my chores.It make my work light and I dance around doing it.

St Theresa's prayer Song "Little Flower"It is always Joyful to refocus on St. Theresa .

What follows is the original story of how I wrote the first version of Little Flower song While sharing Lourdes Water with some one named Theresa I became more conscious of the beautiful story of this wonderful Saint. The last week I spent working on this song as a prayer offering for Her Name sake and another Theresa I met with another serious health problem within a half hour of sharing Lourdes water with Theresa. I gave her a cd of my spiritual with Saint Therese on the cd. I was going to write her name on the cd and was surprised to find out her name was Theresa also. In the past week I have felt close to St. Theresa and have really felt she help me in a couple of Instances with some problems Try The prayer out for yourself. Little Flower show your power and put your own request for assistance and don't be surprised if She helps you.

I dedicated the effort at redoing the song as a prayer for two lovely ladies named Theresa who are going through serious health problems of their own.. The timing was strange. One Theresa left my gallery with some Lourdes water and my spirituals on CDs and 15 minutes later another Theresa came into my gallery Who also had a serious health problem. I sang the Evergreen Tree song for both couples and had some CDs with St. Theresa’s image on the CDs that I just created that morning before I came to the gallery . I was a little late as I was designing and printing the CD labels. Please pray for them that God will help them. Please pray for our fighting men and women in Iraq That they will return home safe and sound as many returning soldiers have Post Traumatic Stress.

Saint Theresa's Prayer Song Lyrics

Little flower show your power.

In the hour of our need, hear our prayers and bring us peace.

Help us Love God like a child, with all our hearts and souls .

May the one God that we love, bless the world with His Peace and love. With His Peace and love

Rose grow and always know of the joy that God does brings .

Springing forth Eternally .

May you know the joy of a child, with the pure love God brings.

Move, Move, Be moved by Him. Move like a willow swaying in the wind.

Move, Move, Be moved by Him. Feel the love of God within.

Your soul will find reason to sing, Songs of praise, for Christ the king

Raise your hands high in praise, to the God to whom you pray.

God is there to forgive, He will help you find the way to live, Live a life of peace and joy./B>

Feel the love of Jesus Christ. Feel the Holy Spirit's grace.

You will see God's holy face, in the eyes of those in need, when you hear their pleas.

Welcome Jesus In, Into your heart, into your soul, Welcome Jesus in.

Say Good bye to sin , Say good bye to sin. Welcome Jesus in, Welcome Jesus in.

Share the gifts that you have been given , It's time for a new beginning.

Time to be more forgiven. Make love a way of living.

Living and loving, Obeying God's commands, Move, Move, Be moved by Him.

Be a pawn moved by God's hands, Not a king moved by man.

You are where you are meant to be, When You move with God in Peace.

Faith in God will give you strength, Hope and grace will trump despair.

Know that God's Love is every where, Pray and He will hear your prayers.

Welcome Jesus In, Into your heart, into your soul, With His Grace and Joy.

Welcome Jesus in. Say Good bye to sin , Say good bye to sin. Welcome Jesus in, Welcome Jesus in.

Rose grow and always know of the living joy that God does brings .

Rose grow and always know of the joy that God does brings .

Springing forth Eternally. Springing forth Eternally .

Well I was tired and went to bed and was listening to Welcome Jesus in meditation cd and after humming along with Move, Move, Be moved by Him, I was moved by the song to go down to my computer area and it is now 2:28 AM and I'm listening to my meditation Cd while working on my home page. I have more work to do. I will put up some more of my little Flower, Welcome Jesus in songs along with another that I read as a chant, A welcome Jesus Christ in chant where you repeat that over and over with a few minor variations of the words. It might be cool if I find the energy to work until Dawn as I was able to do in the past. I spent over 3 or 4 hour earlier today writing what I now think of with a smile on my face as a sermon from Strawberry Hill. I am not a bad itinerant painter and judging by the difficulty I have with replies of permanent failures when I send out my e-mail of this nature, They must have some substance in them that would have someone interfere with them. I received an e-mail not relating to the subject from some one this evening who was among the supposed permanent failures. I am not in to conspiracy theories and It does not bother me to any great extent. My attitude is that God operates in Mysterious ways and it seems as if he has looked out for me as long as I can remember. I do not wish harm on anyone but I have seen it happen time and time again to people who have entered my circle with other than goodness in their heart as far as I was concerned. In my e-mail I mentioned a man who served me with a summons for a $17000 gallery debt incurred while I was recovering from an MRSA staph infection the same morning I was being interviewed by the Carmel Pine Cone for a story about my suite with CHOMP, A local hospital. I told the reporter that the summons did not bother me and he said he wished he could be more like that. Later the family business that owned the gallery building exercised compassion for my health problems and decided that there should not be a law suite. I will attend to the debt when I recover and once again regain both my health and financial independence. I agreed to the interview if they would provide me with a preview of the story before printing it so I could check it out for accuracy as I had a problem with the Monterey Herald inaccurate reporting. Well the story in the Pine Cone could have just as well have been written by the hospital's laywers. It would have nullifyed my case. I sent a rebuttal to the the reporter and put it up on my home page the same day. It was never printed.

THe story is on my home page directory , CHOMP MRSA Staph Infection Pine Cone Interview. It is revealing.

They failed to check the surgical socks for close to a week and I was in danger of losing my leg due to a severe deep decubis heel ulcer, that is still causing me pain. THe MRSA Staph infection really laid me low. My gallery was closed much of the time.

well it 5:15 AM and even though I do not feel tired I think it is time to take a break and get the weight off of my feet as my heel is starting to become painful.I am going to take thw time to put up my e-mail, God works in Mysterious ways on my home page if I can figure out an easy way of doing it with out retyping.

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"Gospel, Let Thy Will Be My Will"

"Rhumba, Let Thy Will Be My Will"

"Jazz, Let Thy Will Be My Will"

Let Thy Will, be my will, in all that I say and do

Forgive me Lord, my past sins, the pain that I caused you

Let Thy Will. Be My Will, Give me strength to start anew

God is love, He Loves You, it’s time that we, love him too .

May you be a pawn of the Lord, Moved by his holy hands

Time to repent, make amends and follow him, obey all his commands

Do unto others, as you would have them, do unto you.

God is love, He Loves You, it’s time that we, love him too .

He will be the light of hope, In dark moments of deep sorrow

He will bring you joy and love in all your new tomorrow's

Let Thy be my will, in all that I say and do

Forgive me Lord, my past sins, the pain that I caused you.

When you do wrong, don’t despair, take time to change your ways.

God is Love, He loves you , It’s time that we, Love Him too

To Receive God’s Grace and blessing, all you have to do is love him.

While recuperating from Hip Surgery and I found myself leaning on the spirituals That I have shared with other who have had major health problem. Spiritual Two which is one of the CDs I give out in the gallery brought me relief from both pain and stress. This CD has my Mary songs on, viz “ Mother Mary’s Blue”; “We all have a Heavenly Mother”: “All Mothers are Madonna's” ; “ Hail Mary “ “ Don’t Put Down Mother Mary or you will answer to J C ”, along with songs I wrote for my Mom when I was her primary Care Giver in my home until She died at 99 years of age. I would also play Spirituals One but I found in life that when a son was in pain he would go to his Mom more often as Mothers had a gentler touch. Where Dads were more apt to say you have to be tough Son. I guess I leaned on my Spiritual Mom in my quest for relief .from pain where as when I played Spiritual One which dealt with Christ sufferings I would offer up my pain to give some one else who was in more pain than I, relief.

I would play them at night before gone to sleep and if I awoke in pain which was quite often. I found my self giving copies to other patients and nurses at hospice, To patients and Doctors and Nurses at the VA clinic at Ft. Ord to share with others. On my CDS Spiritual One and Spiritual Two I have printed on the cover Please Share, Do Duplicate which is the complete opposite from many others.

Reviewing the songs more often increased my spiritual focus and I found spiritual lessons in them for myself. I know by people’s responses that they have touched others in a positive spiritual restorative way. Some one, a Musician and songwriter, who I no longer associate with said my songs were too preachy. Looking back I think he was spiritually dead wrong. They were not too preachy, they were just reflections on my personal spiritual interests that I want to share. This led to my First song of 2006, a sermon, I Let Thy Will be My Will I based on a short personal prayer I have said for years.

I wanted to express how to receive God’s help Grace and Blessings . All you have to do is love him and put your trust in Him. You will awaken your spiritual awareness. You will realize that Christ Loves You. Even the Saints sinned in the past. In order to change for the better you have to look at your own sins.. You should generate a deeper sense of sorrow for what you have done. Chance are some of these sins may have hurt others, I put the Golden Rule in the lyrics to gently focus on that factor. All of your sins hurt God. . This sorrow combined with a deeper love of God could be the energy that would lead to repentance. Human are frail and subject to fall many times in their lifetime. Sometime that fall could lead into a downward spiral of addiction. You can lose self esteem and find your self depressed. When you do wrong don’t despair and fall deeper into the darker vortex of uncontrolled human behavior. Lift yourself up on the wings of awareness that God, the most wonderful being in the universe, loves you and wants to reach out and help you.... There is no reason ever to feel unloved if you love God. You will be part of a wonderful spiritual family that is always there to help you.. You will think of Angel as friends and saints as people to emulate. You will find brothers and sisters who share your love of Christ and live their lives accordingly. I am not talking about the new millennium Pharisees who are too busy judging every one else to be aware of their own shortcomings when it comes to doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. There are people who read and quote the Good Book but never applied to their lives the lessons in the New Testament Christ taught by example. I once told an learned individual who was reeling off Bible quotes like a computer search engine. “I hear you talking with your mind but not your heart.”

Let thy Will be my will, It is better to be a pawn moved by the hand of God in gentle ways, than a king moved by the hands of man. There are times in life when some will go along with what other are doing that is wrong because they are removing the guidance that Gods love and commandments dictate. You could be part of a crowd of two or two million misled into violent acts. Good young people will sometime get into serious trouble when they act with out thinking of the results of actions that may be encouraged by another individual who they may regard as a leader, cool and strong and neat to be wrong.. Sometimes wrongs get out of control when violence creates more violence. Than in a spontaneous violent thoughtless action of the moment, Lives change forever. The victim , his or her family and their friends suffer, The perpetrators lives are changed and so are those who went along with it. There have been times when some fine young people who never were in trouble before will find themselves in the horrors of jail life because of one spontaneous action that was encouraged by their companions.. But there were other poor decisions that may have led up to that. One negative friend could create problems if you are not careful. The friends that you choose to be apart of their group or new adoptive family was a group with violent tendencies who bonded together for protection from other gang of a similar nature.. The survival of the fittest, over emphasis on physical or financial strength devoid of moral or spiritual strength, creates a problem with balance. in life. Eventually it leads to toppling over. Greed can be top heavy.

If you cultivate your spiritual side it will lead to rich full sense of independence. You will have respect for others because you will have respect for yourself. You will make solid decisions independent of others, individuals and crowds who may lead you astray. You will live your life with courage, not fear .Just remember God , the most wonderful being in the universe loves you Let His Will Be Thy Will., May God continue to bless you. Don’t just read the good book, Learn it’s lessons and live your life accordingly.

I have to smile at another side of me, an itinerant singing preacher, to go along with the itinerant philosopher and primitive artist. The joy is in the journey, the journey is for sharing


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"We're all God's Children" This Gospel song is about the passage of life. The world is the palm of his hand. The final destination is the promised land. There are thunder sound effects reflecting God's pain and anger when we wrong our fellowman. Cold Rain are the tears he cries when we forget Why his son died. Though written from the Christian viewpoint it encompasses all Religions for we are all God's children.

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"If I were a Sparrow" I include this song as it is special to me. I wrote this song when I was a carpenter in Conn. It was during lent. I became the man who hammered the nails in Christ wrists and feet. There was a small Lourdes Grotto Shrine in Brookfield Conn. That I use to stop at and pray at on the way home from work. The kneeler were falling apart so I found a priest in charge and told him I would supply free labor if they supplied the wood. I remembered putting messages inside the hole where the wood dowels covered the screws. I rebuilt the Kneelers there with out cost. There is a larger shrine in Litchfield Conn. I liked the intimacy of the smaller one in Brookfield as I felt it encouraged the one on one rapport with God that I prefer. I would like to encourage more small shrines like this for Mary, and others for St. Francis out in the country, where travelers can stop and pray. In Europe you will find Crosses on pedestals, along the road, where people stop and pray. This song is with Acoustic Guitar and vocal by Bleich

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"Sparrow 2002" It is common for me to explore varied song arrangements of the same song as the one above. During Lent, 2002, as a prayer exercise I created this gospel interpretation of one of my favorte songs while playing Yamaha PSR9000 and adding vocal harmonies.

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"If I were made blind" A driving rhythmic song examining one relationship with Jesus in the midst of the speed of modern day life. The beauty and gravity of the song transcends how it came to be written.I wrote it while I was laid up for almost a month when I injured my leg.

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"Welcome Jesus in." When I first wrote this song There was a sense of hope That my sister Helen would welcome Jesus into her heart as health circumstances established a temporary wall between her and Christ. She found it difficult to understand why she had a stroke and the problem after affects.

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H2><"Here and Now" was started just before Easter. I have this very large Cross that I built into the Large studio window. I knelt down to pray in my loft while looking over at the illumined Cross and started Here and Now. The title came from a tv interview with a golfer from Louisiana who won his first tournament, a million dollar tournament. They asked him how he kept his focus and cool under the great pressure. His answer was I focused on the Here and Now. He is one cool likable dude and came through sinking two chips and a one putt on the last three holes. At my age I have difficulty remembering his name but not his game. Thank You for the gift of Focus and the "Here and Now."

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"Don't Put down Mother Mary"

The Passion of Christ and the pain of Mary. This song relates to Mary and Disciples John and Jesus’ last Command to the two of them from the cross. "Mother behold thy Son. Son behold thy Mother." There are some Bible Quoters who feel that Catholics pay too much attention to Mary. They tend to be critical of all older established Religions. They interpret the bible to justify what they want to do. Using the quotes of lesser insignificant characters with abandon, and put more of a priority on these quotes than the 10 commandments, The clear directives of God the Father. They will sometime wrap the Bible in the American Flag and in the process become more of extension of a political Movement Than part of the living body of Christ. That body is composed of Individuals who have accepted Christ as their Savior and live their lives accordingly with a Christ centered Heart. By their works and deeds you shall know them!

I say to them and the world, if you do not treat Mary with the love and respect that Jesus Christ did throughout His life, then the bible is not pertinent to you. Read the Gospel of John. Jesus’s love of His Mother and John's care of Mary at Christ's request is a valuable lesson in the bible that we can apply to life. We should not just quote the Bible. We should try to live by it.

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"We all have a Heavenly Mother" Lourdes song was written as a prayer offering for Catherine, A six year old with Cystic Fibrosis that I shared Lourdes water with. It includes singing the Hail Mary within the song. Ever since I went to Lourdes the first time, 11 years ago, I have enjoyed singing Hail Marys while saying the rosary while driving. I use my fingers to count the hail Marys, still managing to keep both hands on the wheel. The Hail Mary part was written while driving in the Lourdes area of France. Sang, written, arranged, and played by George Bleich on a Yamaha Psr 9000

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"Mother Mary's Blue". This song is about walking along the ocean blue and sprinkling Lourdes Water into the sea. The unique story behind this song is found in the directory Lourdes Water. Arranged by Phil Michaels and keyboard by Rowland Evans.

One of my enjoyable approaches to prayer is to write, sing and play original songs of praise while painting, often till dawn. For years, I have been combining my creative efforts as one act of prayer. There is more of an intense focus when I become involved with someone who is ill and end up sharing Lourdes water with them.

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" Miracles can happen" was inspired by my sister Helen. It was a new version of my song called "Healing", that originally focused on the healing in relationships of all kinds including, personal and world relationships in addition to spiritual healing. This version focused more on spiritual healing. It had to do with the miracle that takes place within our souls in addition to the external ones. It includes a true story of a Mother's Experience at Lourdes. Not everyone seeking a physical cure will have their prayers answered, some will find their souls are cured. Miracles can happen though they sometime go unseen. Sang, written, arranged, and played by George Bleich on a Yamaha Psr 9000

A Songs If your Dad left this world for heaven, But is still here in the spirit of your love for him to share new joy of new life enfolding. Like his grand kids kids he never saw. A number of songs I wrote for my mother that will reflect with loving memories, Your own Mom.

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"Dad You are the Bedrock of our love." inspired by the untimely death of Teah’s Dad. Teah is the wife of my nephew Chris. Her father died very suddenly this early summer at the age of 57. Teah, The wife of my nephew Chris is one of the true beautiful people in the world, a special person in body, heart and soul. I credit her unique positive caring personality to the love of caring parents and the genes she inherited. I wrote this with out being asked because I love them and in the hope it would comfort them...

This is also dedicated to any one whose father died here or in some distant part of the world while away from their family. My own father was missing in Action in the North Atlantic 60 years ago and I still feel the deep blue pain 60 years later.

If your father is still alive give him a call, tell him you love him .It will be far better than a rose placed on his coffin later...

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"Keep God in Your Heart" This is one of Mother's favorite phrases. Mother who is 98 is a prayerful woman. Just "Keep God in your heart, George and He will help you carry your little cross in Life." I thought to myself, " Mom you are my little Cross". Sometimes she makes it heavy but I carry it with love and find a certain amount of joy in the process. She is always asking me "Why is God keeping me here so long, George"? I answer "Penance, Mom". Mother said "I've been good all my life George". And my answer is with a smile, "It's my Penance, Mom". Humor lifts her spirits and mine also.

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"Dont Say Good bye" is one of Mother's way saying so long to people who are leaving the gallery. She will add "Good bye is forever, just say so long." She will follow up with a happy " Hasta La Vista" or "Vaya Con Dios", Chalk up another song for Mom. She is a phrase maker "Oh George freeze your teeth and give your tongue a sleigh ride", said mom.

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"Don't Say Good bye" 2002 new arrangement, Mom would always say Don't Say Goodbye. Just say so long, Good bye is forever. Mother was having some health complications, The first in 98 years. Age was gradually setting in and causing me new concern and caregiving problems. This song was her expressions coupled with my love for my mother.

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"I Pray to God My Soul to Keep" Mother had a bevy of Night prayer, This song is started by one of her favorites. When I lie me down to sleep, I pray to God my soul to keep, If I should die before I wake, I pray to God My soul to take. It touches upon other aspects and metaphors of the passage. Her sense of peace and continence on her face that visually spoke of her sense of readiness for the journey into the light. She was prepared and ready to let go of her earthly bonds, filled with a sense of peace that comes from being loved. A circle of loving relatives and friends gathered with angels that only she could see. She was at peace and knew where she was going,that God would take her soul To his loving arms in Paradise May we all be as fortunate when it is our time to go, to once again have the faith of a child. I remember once again what my 12 year old said when He was 4 years old. He told me. I want to die dad! Concerned I asked why? He said I can't wait to go to heaven.

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"Tick Tock,"While on my night vigil by mother bedside I would play my guitar softly. though she was sleeping I felt she could hear my singing and playing. I stated plucking two of the strings to D and Am like the tick tock of a clock Back and forth in a gentle rhythm I could sense that Mom's time with us was gradually coming to a close and she would be crossing over to the Eternal side of Heaven. I wrote this song to prepare Mom for her journey. That she could face the end of life here on earth with out fear of that "Dreadful Hour" which was mentioned in one of her night time payers. Little flower show you power, Save me from that dreadful hour. ( a prayer to Saint Theresa, I would tell her that death was not a dreadful hour, that she was going to get on an express train straight to heaven with no stops in purgatory.) She would smile knowingly. The dread was gone. In its place was a sense that she would soon be seeing her Husband, Harry, her Father, John and Mother, Martha, Her 12 brothers and sisters, and old shipmates and friends that made the passage to eternity before her.

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" One Tear to the Ocean" My beloved Mother Helen Bleich died Dec. 13th, 2002. 60 years earlier to the day, Dec. 13th, 1942, that my dad was missing in Action on the cold mountainous seas of the North Atlantic when torpedoed by a German U boat. One tear to the ocean was inspired by some of her last words. She said, "I am surrounded by a circle of love". I thought at first she was talking about her family but had reason to wonder perhaps she saw waiting angels that we could not see that were gathering to take her to heaven. Her face was illumined with love and Grace.

She was one of 13 children. Mother had a deep affection for Mary, the Mother of Jesus which she passed down to her children. Shortly after she died we knelt down around her bed to say the Rosary while her cold dead hands held the Rosary Beads that belonged to her Mother. Some time Mother's Rosaries would break and have to be reassembled The Rosary that I used that night had 13 beads instead of 10 purely by chance. My Sons, Harry Eric, Christopher Orion His girlfriend Marina and I took turns leading four of the five decades that make up a Rosary The 5th decade was Led my sons girl friend Marina in Spanish while we answered in English.

Christmas Songs

. now back to sharing the more developed songs in progress. They will be incomplete until some one else arranges and performs them and use their talents as a gift to the Christ child. I regard myself as a lyricist and itinerant composer not an entertainer and do what I can with the little talent I have to share the message of my songs and works with you. We all have missions in life to fulfill, some of us don't know that yet and some are blest and do. Reach out with kindness, Touch some one with love, Not just at Christmas Time but your whole life through.

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"Snow Was Made by an Angel"

This is one of my favorite song I have written and enjoy sharing with Children. It is a way of combining The message of Christmas as a reason for Snow flakes being created the first time. Children enjoy it.. A charming song sharing the true meaning of Christmas and how a little angel played a role in the snow that fell to earth on Christmas Day. It touched upon her tears that fell for she knew full well, the price the Christ Child would pay as a man

One day in August I had a family of three visit My gallery. Their three year old child was a beautiful little girl with blond ringlet of hair who looked like a little angel. I sang my Evergreen Tree song for the three of them which they enjoyed. I was prone to do this for visitors when I had my gallery in Carmel and then I would give them my CDs free. It was all about sharing.

I said I know the mom and dad I want to sing a special song for your Daughter Even though It is a bit out of season I feel I should. It a song about a little girl angel. It has a nice message and I think she will enjoy it. When I sang it with my attention directed at her she just lit up with a smile of pure child pleasure. Her parents told me it was a perfect song choice for her, when I finished the song. I felt her presence made every day Christmas Day for them. The Dad told me with a tear of joy in his eye, and a smile on Mom and Dad's face their face their beautiful little daughter who looked like an angel was born on Christmas day. Their smile made my day.

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"Good Night Little Jesus"

I started this Christmas Lullaby a long time ago and never completed the song. I did the current arrangement Christmas day 2006.

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"Fiddler's Prayer"

was written in Dec. 2001 when my wife Kathy left home just before Christmas. I wrote the song and recorded it the same evening. The song flowed out effortlessly with my tears at the time A few years earlier Kathy lost Jean, her mother to cancer, Kathy had good reason to be depressed. In retrospect I am very sorry for not giving Kathy the support she needed. at the time of her loss. This weighed upon her and created personal problems that she has since resolved.. . Kathy asked me for a divorce, Dec. 2002. I told her I’m not giving you one. I still love you. She said at the time nothing get you down. You have your music and your art.

They helped but my love of God helped even more. Let His Will be my will. After close to 5 years I realize I never stopped loving Kathy and my primary hope for the new year is for a minor miracle that will find our family whole and complete again. Please join me in my prayers that it may with God’s Blessing happen! I will always have love, respect and affection for Kathy as she is a good person who is always ready to help others in need, including myself, even after the divorce. She is quietly a far better person than I am. I firmly believe that if we could find reconciliation It would benefit every one in our whole family including grand kids in the future. I want to work at having our family together again. We all have to try harder and be supportive of our whole family.

I tried to record “ Fiddler’s ,Prayer later , but I could not do it any better with more honest feeling than the pain and love I felt that first day. I wanted to clarify the final line where I sang perhaps the Christ Child was playing the Fiddlers Prayer. That was in reference to the music that led some young people to find him expired, half covered with snow, With his hands frozen to the fiddle and bow. "His Bow stroked the strings like soft angel's wing, Playing a prayer to Jesus, a prayer for peace, family and friends.

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"Red White and Blue Christmas"

Dedicated to our soldiers fighting in foreign lands, and their families at home praying for their safe return. This is a significant Christmas Family Love song for the Men and Women of our Armed Forces.

To save the not too swift on the internet people like me the problem of trying to figure out how to save and record down loaded songs and also for others who are on regular slow motion internet I am planning to have these song available for sale on Cds. on my home page at reasonable prices to cover production cost and mailing., They will be available under the listed Headings. In cases where there is more room I will add songs of related subject matter. I have shared thousands of these with the public at my gallery at my expense as part of my attitude that the Joy is in the Journey and the Journey is for Sharing. There have been some wonderful people passing through who helped me to defray my personal expense in the production cost and I appreciated their generosity and presented them with more cds. It has been a common practice of mine with Spiritual one and two to sign them to the Pastor of the Church they attended and have printed, Please Share, Do Duplicate on my Spirituals and my Peace Songs CDs. gjbleich@comcast.net

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