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This plan can heal America while it heals and assist in the fulfillment the dreams of our deserving Veterans. To keep it free of partisan politics it would be sponsored by bipartisan Past Heroes who received a Purple Hearts, who after serving in the Military now serve or have served their Country in politics. May you write some of them and ask them to exercise their leadership. Prominent among them are Vice Pres. Dole; Sen. John Mc Caine; Sen Kerry; Sen. Inouye; Rep. Murtah; and the Gentleman from Georgia who lost his reelection bid. There are many others I may not be aware of their Purple Heart awards.

The primary idea is a personal home page focusing on injured Veterans and the needs of Gold Star families who lost a loved one to war. Some of these individuals do not have the advantage of having a community prepared to help them. Through the use of a few photos that could be interchangeable and their personal mission statements about future dreams and the reason behind them. With the Aid of photograph and possible videos, the veteran and their families would be come a human realty that could touch the hearts of other Americans to reach out and help them. It is effective concept of an updated home page that would create a place where you can find and direct your aid to help a specific deserving Veteran of your choice. These individual need your all around all American support.

It is not enough to have a Congressman in the House read off the name of a soldier who was injured or who made the supreme Sacrifice from their district. This bipartisan action plan could involve the public to take respect to a real level of tangible support that goes beyond surface patriotic display or political posturing that serves a political party more than injured soldiers and families who need your help. . A parade in town and the waving of Flags for a returning injured Veteran or perhaps the flag draped coffin of a local young man who made the Supreme sacrifice does more for those who stand along the roadside than the injured Veteran or the family of the deceased. It should provide the impetus for positive action programs to come to the fore.

I read about Lt. Eddie Rebrook who stated . “When I was in the Army I leaned to hurt people. Now I want to become a re-constructive surgeon, to help others.” I am sure it was a result of both the care he received and witnessing the plight of fellow injured soldiers in the Veteran hospital and how the surgeons gave them hope and a new lease on their lives. I was moved by that statement to send him $1000 to help Eddie realize that dream. I dedicated that gift to the Ft. Ord VA Clinic of Monterey, California, in appreciation of the wonderful care they extended to me.

There is more to troop support than sticking a decal on your car, waving a flag or flag pin on your lapel. There are many communities who have done wonders for our returning soldiers. Building Homes for injured. veterans and other positive compassionate action that reached out directly to the Veterans and their young families. Their positive examples would also be amplified on this home page so others could follow their example individual realize their dreams. It would be coupled with an approach to have the alumni from Universities that specialize in varying areas of expertise establish hero scholarships that would be matched up with the injured Veterans dreams and potential. If you have surgeons friends, see if they can help Eddie acquire a Medical scholarship. Life is more of a challenge for these young people. The home page with photos will give them a presence that will be longer than a news story for a day. It could jump start their lives and potential! Do what you can to have this become a reality.

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