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Let Thy Will Be My Will, a personal short prayer that I wrote a song about by George J. Bleich Presented in 3 diverse music styles

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"Gospel, Let Thy Will Be My Will"

"Rhumba, Let Thy Will Be My Will"

"Jazz, Let Thy Will Be My Will"

Let Thy Will, be my will, in all that I say and do

Forgive me Lord, my past sins, the pain that I caused you

Let Thy Will. Be My Will, Give me strength to start anew

God is love, He Loves You, it’s time that we, love him too .

May you be a pawn of the Lord, Moved by his holy hands

Time to repent, make amends and follow him, obey all his commands

Do unto others, as you would have them, do unto you.

God is love, He Loves You, it’s time that we, love him too .

He will be the light of hope, In dark moments of deep sorrow

He will bring you joy and love in all your new tomorrow's

Let Thy be my will, in all that I say and do

Forgive me Lord, my past sins, the pain that I caused you.

When you do wrong, don’t despair, take time to change your ways.

God is Love, He loves you , It’s time that we, Love Him too

To Receive God’s Grace and blessing, all you have to do is love him.

While recuperating from Hip Surgery and I found myself leaning on the spirituals That I have shared with other who have had major health problem. Spiritual Two which is one of the CDs I give out in the gallery brought me relief from both pain and stress. This CD has my Mary songs on, viz “ Mother Mary’s Blue”; “We all have a Heavenly Mother”: “All Mothers are Madonna's” ; “ Hail Mary “ “ Don’t Put Down Mother Mary or you will answer to J C ”, along with songs I wrote for my Mom when I was her primary Care Giver in my home until She died at 99 years of age. I would also play Spirituals One but I found in life that when a son was in pain he would go to his Mom more often as Mothers had a gentler touch. Where Dads were more apt to say you have to be tough Son. I guess I leaned on my Spiritual Mom in my quest for relief .from pain where as when I played Spiritual One which dealt with Christ sufferings I would offer up my pain to give some one else who was in more pain than I, relief.

I would play them at night before gone to sleep and if I awoke in pain which was quite often. I found my self giving copies to other patients and nurses at hospice, To patients and Doctors and Nurses at the VA clinic at Ft. Ord to share with others. On my CDS Spiritual One and Spiritual Two I have printed on the cover Please Share, Do Duplicate which is the complete opposite from many others.

Reviewing the songs more often increased my spiritual focus and I found spiritual lessons in them for myself. I know by people’s responses that they have touched others in a positive spiritual restorative way. Some one, a Musician and songwriter, who I no longer associate with said my songs were too preachy. Looking back I think he was spiritually dead wrong. They were not too preachy, they were just reflections on my personal spiritual interests that I want to share. This led to my First song of 2006, a sermon.,” Let Thy Will be My Will “ based on a short personal prayer I have said for years.

I wanted to express how to receive God’s help Grace and Blessings . All you have to do is love him and put your trust in Him. You will awaken your spiritual awareness. You will realize that Christ Loves You. Even the Saints sinned in the past. In order to change for the better you have to look at your own sins.. You should generate a deeper sense of sorrow for what you have done. Chance are some of these sins may have hurt others, I put the Golden Rule in the lyrics to gently focus on that factor. All of your sins hurt God. . This sorrow combined with a deeper love of God could be the energy that would lead to repentance. Human are frail and subject to fall many times in their lifetime. Sometime that fall could lead into a downward spiral of addiction. You can lose self esteem and find your self depressed. When you do wrong don’t despair and fall deeper into the darker vortex of uncontrolled human behavior. Lift yourself up on the wings of awareness that God, the most wonderful being in the universe, loves you and wants to reach out and help you.... There is no reason ever to feel unloved if you love God. You will be part of a wonderful spiritual family that is always there to help you.. You will think of Angel as friends and saints as people to emulate. You will find brothers and sisters who share your love of Christ and live their lives accordingly. I am not talking about the new millennium Pharisees who are too busy judging every one else to be aware of their own shortcomings when it comes to doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. There are people who read and quote the Good Book but never applied to their lives the lessons in the New Testament Christ taught by example. I once told an learned individual who was reeling off Bible quotes like a computer search engine. “I hear you talking with your mind but not your heart.”

Let thy Will be my will, It is better to be a pawn moved by the hand of God in gentle ways, than a king moved by the hands of man. There are times in life when some will go along with what other are doing that is wrong because they are removing the guidance that Gods love and commandments dictate. You could be part of a crowd of two or two million misled into violent acts. Good young people will sometime get into serious trouble when they act with out thinking of the results of actions that may be encouraged by another individual who they may regard as a leader, cool and strong and neat to be wrong.. Sometimes wrongs get out of control when violence creates more violence. Than in a spontaneous violent thoughtless action of the moment, Lives change forever. The victim , his or her family and their friends suffer, The perpetrators lives are changed and so are those who went along with it. There have been times when some fine young people who never were in trouble before will find themselves in the horrors of jail life because of one spontaneous action that was encouraged by their companions.. But there were other poor decisions that may have led up to that. One negative friend could create problems if you are not careful. The friends that you choose to be apart of their group or new adoptive family was a group with violent tendencies who bonded together for protection from other gang of a similar nature.. The survival of the fittest, over emphasis on physical or financial strength devoid of moral or spiritual strength, creates a problem with balance. in life. Eventually it leads to toppling over. Greed can be top heavy.

If you cultivate your spiritual side it will lead to rich full sense of independence. You will have respect for others because you will have respect for yourself. You will make solid decisions independent of others, individuals and crowds who may lead you astray. You will live your life with courage, not fear .Just remember God , the most wonderful being in the universe loves you Let His Will Be Thy Will., May God continue to bless you. Don’t just read the good book, Learn it’s lessons and live your life accordingly.

I have to smile at another side of me, an itinerant singing preacher, to go along with the itinerant philosopher and primitive artist. The joy is in the journey, the journey is for sharing


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