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We are not the Red States or Blue States, We are the Red White and Blue United States. The Servicemen and Women who serve our Country are of all Beliefs.

We are all God’s Children and should come together in our prayers for their safety!

The painting “In Care of an Angel” was donated to CatholicMil.org for fundraising to send Prayer books and Rosaries to Soldiers in the Mid-East and other parts of the world. There is a beautiful song I wrote for soldiers “ In Care of an Angel “, while working on the painting. I spent 3 more days in early June reworking the painting as a prayer for the safety of our troops. There was not one causality reported during that time. While doing that I was working on an other song “ Let us raise our voice in Prayer” Never underestimate the Power of Prayer!

CatholicMil.org supply troops with Prayer Books Bibles and Rosaries Etc.

When one is close to the specter of death, it is common to be a little closer to God. “There are no Atheists in Fox holes”, May not be accurate. There are Americans of every Belief and non believers in the service of our Country. They are all deserving of our prayers.

Last year at the Carmel Mission They raised funds To Provide some of the very basic Catholic Tools of Faith, that were lacking for a Chapel that held services in Baghdad for our Service Men and women. My contributions to that was far more than my regular contribution.

The painting was a prayer painting for a Marine Major in Iraq. I wrote a beautiful song while working on the painting as a prayer for our Soldiers fighting over seas for their safe return. I was elated when the wife of the Major in the Marines called me last Christmas to tell me her husband was home safe and sound and did not have to return. It felt good to hear some happy news about a soldier returning home safe and uninjured. It is too easy to ignore by choice the plight of less fortunate soldiers and families who are burdened by loss and handicaps that came about as a result of serving their Country. My decision to speak out in the behalf of families who experience loss and pain as a result of war come from my own life’s experience of losing my father, MIA when I was six. I feel deeply their pain and loss. One of my gifts that allow me to create is sensitivity. That sensitivity has been honed to a fine edge by the disciplined exploring of the power and depths of feelings. We are in need of leaders who speak the truth from the heart, like Chuck Hagel and John McCain. We need leaders who tell Americans the hard truthful facts of how things are going and encourage other Americans to really support our troops and their families needs that come about by their sacrifices. Go to directory button Salute Our Veterans with Sincerity, What others have done to help.

I sang about a special Guardian Angel for our Service Men and Women summoned by a love one’s prayer, when you need some extra special Love and Care. It would be nice to share This song with love ones over seas.

Please share this song, “In Care of an Angel” with service men you know.This song would be much more effective on my site to send to service men if it were sung by a female singer. If a soldier in the Mid East heard a lady with a soothing voice sing "In care of an Angel summoned by a loved ones care", it could be comforting and reassuring to someone away from home and loved ones.

If you sing and would like to help with this contact me at gjbleich@comcast.net. If you are professionals and would like to use the songs for soldiers you have my permission.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

“In Care of an Angel.”

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